Venom: Bloodlust VHS. 60 minute live 1985. Perfect video cassette tape.


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1. Too Loud for the Crowd
2. Black Metal
3. Nightmare
4. Countess Bathory
5. Seven Gates of Hell + Bass solo by Cronos
6. Buried Alive
7. Don’t Burn the Witch
8. In Nomine Sathanas
9. Welcome to Hell
10. Warhead + guitar solo by Mantas
11. Schizo
12. Satanarchist
13. Bloodlust
14. Witching Hour

a quote from their frontman Cronos: “In Venom we wanted to be the devil, we wanted to be the vampires!” Well, it doesn’t get more vampiric than their essential non-album single Bloodlust. In fact, the singer refers to himself in the song as “Count Cronos, vampire supreme”. Guitarist Mantas gets a shout out too (this time simply as “Mantas”). That leaves poor drummer Abaddon as the only Venom bloodsucker to not get a mention which is probably why he tries to get everyone’s attention by playing as many of his drums as he possibly can. As often as he can. It’s a chaotic, mess but it is glorious! Pure punk metal battery, deranged and in your face. Come on, turn it up!

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