[VELVET]: PROMO Stay Away from the Piano CD. Alternative grunge USA 2002. Check audio. Check all 10 songs! Free for orders of £12+


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[VELVET]: s.t CD free for orders of £12+
For over a decade, [velvet] has crafted songs of sonic brilliance interspersed with moments of quiet beauty. Formed in 1995, [velvet] has released four stellar independent albums on Signal to Noise Records.

The Washington Post states, [velvet] deftly balances aggression and accessibility… from dirty-guitar tumult to clean vocal chorales, [velvet] plans its music with great care. Generation Gap Magazine described [velvet] as being eerily reminiscent of the band Hum but with a style of their own that is quite difficult to pin down.

Release Date:  March 4, 2002
1  Stay Away from the Piano [Velvet] 4:42
2 Expectations [Velvet] 4:18
3 Autumn [Velvet] 3:45
4 Stream of Consciousness [Velvet] 3:44
5 Variations on Guilt [Velvet] 5:56
6 Heaven Is Only for Me [Velvet] 2:03
7 They All Float Down Here [Velvet] 3:59
8  Wrong Made Right [Velvet] 3:49
9  Cool to Drive [Velvet] 4:09
10  Not What You Had in Mind [Velvet] 32:45
……. Duration:   01:09:10
Check all 10 songs:

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