VARIOUS: Top Of The Pops Vol. 49 LP 1975. Susy Shaw on cover & the best ever Queen cover version (Bohemian Rhapsody best COVER)!


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In the late 60’s the 70’s and 80’s you could get these albums of cover versions of the singles in the charts that were made and sung by session musicians.   They did a very good job and was under the name of Top Of The Poppers and albums were titled Top Of The Pops but had nothing to do with the BBC TV programme itself, except for covering the songs that was in the charts at the time. Enjoy!

“Top Of The Pops Vol. 49” LP (Hallmark SHM 925, 1975):

Label: Hallmark Records – SHM 925
Series: Top Of The Pops – 49
Format: Vinyl , LP, Album
Country: UK
Rock , Pop
A1 Money Honey
A2 Bohemian Rhapsody
A3 If I Could
A4 This Old Heart of Mine
A5 Na-Na Is the Saddest Word
A6 The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
B1 In for a Penny
B2 Let It Be
B3 All Around My Hat
B4 Show Me You’re a Woman
B5 Art for Arts Sake
B6 You Sexy Thing

According to the specialised Queen collector site, this LP has the best ever Queen cover version!!
“TEN (BO RHAP) Bohemian Rhapsody COVER VERSIONS”

It took Queen almost three weeks and 180 vocal overdubs. Tony Rivers needed one night. This recording was even released as a single in Italy! Song is considered best Top Of The Pops cover EVER! We agree it is a fantastic cover!! On Top Of The Pops Volume 49. Original: Queen. Lead singer: Tony Rivers.

Another great cover version is “The trail of the Lonesome Pine”, that was also covered in the first Tokyo Blade LP (sung acapella by this amazing N.W.O.B.H.M. band!!)

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