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US act UNIFIED PAST was formed back in 1999. The roots of the band go back to the early 80s, when Stephen Speelman and Victor Tassone started working together in various band projects, and then formed their own in 1990. This band, named Labyrinth, were active throughout the 1990s, and released three full length albums.

By 1999 the band had become a rather different project, lead by Speelman (guitars, drums) with Vinny Krivacsy (keyboards, vocals), Peter Palmieri (bass) and Matthew Wood (drums) making up the rest of the band. They were approached by indie label Atomik Records, who signed the band. The band decided that a new name was in order at this time, and their old moniker Labyrinth was replaced with Unified Past at this point. Later the same year their first album under this new name followed in the shape of ?From the Splintered Present Surfaces…The Unified Past?, a collection of re-recorded old material alongside a few new pieces.
The band went into hiatus as recording artists following this production, but in 2009 Unified Past returned to the scene

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