THROW RAG: 13 Ft. and Rising CD. Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead) guest. Check video + audio (whole album all songs)


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Check video + audio (whole album all songs)

Artist: Throw Rag Record Label: Kung Fu
Release Year: 2005 EAN: 0610337885623
Genre: Rock Format: Album

Track listing
1. Swingset Superman
2. She Don’t Want To (She Don’t Care)
3. Little Danny
4. Trouble
5. Bobby Wayne
6. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
7. Rottin’ Me
8. Highway 86
9. Radio Romantica
10. Sad Girl
11. So 5th Street (Country In OG)
12. Sex War
13. Promise
14. Children Of The Secret State

Hailing from the forsaken desert wilderness of Californias Salton Sea, Throw Rag does something that surprisingly few other punk bands do these days: they sound an awful lot like the Dead Kennedys, circa 1980. Where most purveyors of non-metal heavy music these days refer to themselves as “post-hardcore,” these guys are very definitely pre-hardcore. Listen to “Lil’ Danny” and ask yourself how much it reminds you of “Police Truck,” and check out the twisted cowpunk saga “So. 5th St. (Country in O.G.)” and picture the Pogues if Shane MacGowan had grown up in the Imperial Valley. It fits, doesn’t it? The funny thing is that Throw Rag started out as an insane acoustic psychobilly outfit, and have gradually (over the course of eight years) turned into the sort of weirdo pre-hardcore monstrosity capable of attracting — on its first album, mind you — guest appearances from the likes of Jello Biafra (whose antiestablishment hysteria is starting to sound a bit tired, if you want to know the truth), former Black Flag/Circle Jerks frontman Keith Morris, and the still-godlike Lemmy Kilmister. The originals are all good, whacked-out fun. Recommended to anyone who doesn’t care about the state of his or her immortal soul.




Throw Rag: Dino McQueen (vocals, guitar); Franco Fontana (vocals, bass guitar); Jacko The Cobra (vocals, Jews harp, unknown instrument); Captain Sean (vocals); Chango The Urban Commando (drums).

Additional personnel: Jello Biafra, Lemmy Kilmister (vocals); The Artist Formerly Known As King Taco Pearl (guitar); Keith Morris.

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