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Label: Inside Out Music
Format: 2 × CD PROMO
Country: Germany
Released: 2004
Genre: Prog Rock, Heavy Metal
CD1-01 Phenomenon 6:06
CD1-02 Oceanbound 6:24
CD1-03 Choices 8:40
CD1-04 Angels 6:47
CD1-05 Falling Away 7:09
CD1-06 Virtual Isolation 6:10
CD1-07 Innocent 4:21
CD1-08 Long Way Home 6:06
CD1-09 Fragmentation 7:00
CD2-10 Clear 3:41
CD2-11 Life Flow 3:53
CD2-12 Narcissus 6:03
CD2-13 Sunseeker 5:25
CD2-14 The Latent Gene 7:56
CD2-15 Light And Space 6:15
CD2-16 Sunrise On Mars 5:29
CD2-17 Paradox 9:25
CD2-18 Sanitys End 10:16


5.0 out of 5 stars Cross the threshold and try something new,
Critical Energy is comprised of 18 live tracks that showcase some of the groups most epic material. Progressive metal fans will be happy that most tracks clock in at six minutes or more. This much material can’t be contained on one CD. An orchestral fanfare starts the show off on “Phenomenon.” Its as though an over the top movie is going to follow. Threshold jumps in with a hard riff, but smooth it over with some soft keyboards. McDermott has a great voice. Its not as high as some of his peers, but it is quite harmonic. “Oceanbound” is quite unique. Not only is it led by an ocean wave effect, but the guitar and bass sound like they’re being played underwater. The keyboard work on “Choice” has Dream Theater written all over it. The guitars and keys go back and forth on some very well constructed solos. The piano starts to lead the way on “Falling Away” and “Long Way Home.” West sets a tranquil pace, but is always interrupted by some cranking guitar rhythms. As the CD progresses, McDermott’s vocals revert from progressive style to a more pop-rock/AOR sound.

Disc two highlights McDermott’s emotional and commanding voice on the opening acoustic tracks “Clear” and “Life Flow.” Both tracks are accented by electric-acoustic guitars. “Narcissus” combines the best of acoustic balladry with the best of the crunchy epics. It has a nice little bounce to it that the crowd really reacts too. By now you can hear that Threshold knows how to interact with their audience and really get them into the show. “The Latent Gene” opens with some clean guitar tones that are quickly replaced by electric A.O.R. rhythms. Once again, the guitars and the keyboard battle for the upper hand in a furious musical conclusion. There’s a little industrial metal influence on “Light and Space.” It has a killer opening keyboard pulse. Threshold concludes their lengthy set with two lengthy songs, “Paradox” (9:25) and “Sanity’s End” (10:14). They’re loaded with plenty of tempo changes and melody, enough to please the most critical of fans.

Bottom Line:
Really good music has to have a crossover appeal to it. It can’t be confined to one genre. Thresholds music does just that, with their well-written, thought provoking lyrics, great vocal harmonies, and memorable guitar hooks. Critical Energy is really polished for a live album.
5.0 out of 5 stars Threshold Live At Its BEST!!!,
Critical Energy… It is indeed full of ENERGY!!!!!!! This is where you can hear them LIVE for the very first time with a double CD. I love Threshold. They are such a great UK Prog Band. They have gone thru good and bad times in their career and they succeeded in being the best at what they do and was born for. I am still waiting for the DVD cause I can’t wait to see them perform live in my TV…. Highly recommended for prog fans…..
5.0 out of 5 stars Best Progressive metal from Britain……..,
If you’re a progressive metal listener you’ll be amazed by this live critical energy release! It features a dynamic sound that comes right at you from beginning to end! Very well put together from some of the finest musicians in the business with an incredible vocalist…..Long live Andrew Mac” Mcdermott, this is a must have for the die hard music listener.

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