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Veteran SoCal outfit the Vandals have built up a solid reputation for pioneering pop-punk since their formation in the early 1980s. Here they offer up tracks from their 2004 album, HOLLYWOOD POTATO CHIP, and its predecessor, 2002s INTERNET DATING SUPERSTUDS, to Japanese producer and DJ Shingo Asari for dissection and reassembly. Though an exercise of this sort is not to be taken lightly, the results are predictablybizarre, mostly intriguing, and often an improvement on theoriginals–POTATO CHIPs “How They Getcha” benefits from a hip-hop makeover, while SUPERSTUDS’ settles comfortably into its wackily sympathetic rhythm track, and “Little Weirdo” transcends its double-time punk origins to become a Beck-type pop tour-de-force.

Shingo Japanese Remix Album is an album of songs by the southern California punk rock band The Vandals remixed and re-interpreted by Japanese DJ Shingo Asari, released in 2005 by Kung Fu Records. Asari had been tinkering with Vandals songs for several years and had sent several of his remixes to Kung Fu, who had posted them on their website for Vandals fans to download. The band was impressed by his takes on their songs and used a remixed medley he had made of many of their most popular songs as an introduction to their live shows. Finally in 2005 Shingo was given license to remix several newer Vandals songs and to release them as an album through Kung Fu.
All of the songs presented are remixes of songs from the Vandals’ two most recent albums, Internet Dating Superstuds and Hollywood Potato Chip. However, “hidden” at the end of the album is an unlisted track which is a remixed medley of many of the bands most popular songs from the 1990s.

Track listing:
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “How They Getcha'” (Gold mix) Warren Fitzgerald
2. “43210-1” (00223 mix) Fitzgerald
3. “Appreciate My Honesty” (MC Freshman mix) Fitzgerald
4. “Be a Good Robot” (Rhythm Rovo mix) Fitzgerald
5. “Disproportioned Head” (Bistrot 2000 mix) Fitzgerald
6. “Little Weirdo” (Shuttle 9 mix) Fitzgerald
7. “When I Say You I Mean Me” (Clockworked mix) Dave Quackenbush
8. “The Unseen Tears of the Albacore” (Last mix) Joe Escalante, Fitzgerald
9. “I’m Becoming You” (CJB mix) Fitzgerald
10. “My Neck, My Back” (Ikioi mix) Fitzgerald
11. “Lord of the Dance” (Do Da Swing! mix) Fitzgerald
Total length:

Dave Quackenbush vocals
Warren Fitzgerald guitar, backing vocals
Joe Escalante bass, backing vocals
Josh Freese drums
Shingo Asari DJ, remixing

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