The SPOOKY RECORDS BOOTLEGS: Volume one CD [12 Rare dirty arsed recordings + Mudhoney co-operation]. Check all videos and audio


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The SPOOKY RECORDS BOOTLEGS: Volume one [12 dirty arsed recordings by 12 great bands]
1. The Double Agents – Friends In Low Places
2.Minced Meat w/ Panther Burns – Backyard Blues
3.Dallas Crane A Romantic Comedy
4. Spencer P. Jones w/ The Beeks – Up For It
5. Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side – I Don’t Think She Loves Me
6. The Drones – The Millers Daughter
7. Dan Kelly & The Alpha Males – Check Out Cutie
8. Six Ft Hick – Innocence In Me
9. Hugo Race and True Spirit – Great White
10. The Devastations – I’ve Walked This Road
11.King Daddy – 50 Flaming Fingers
12. Spencer P. Jones w/ Mudhoney – Lucky Bastard


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Time Off Magazine, Australia:
Originally only available at the Melbourne labels shows, demand has dictated a wider distribution for this 12-tracker which includes Spooky acts (Spencer P Jones, The Drones) and mates (like Hugo Race & The True Spirit and King Daddy).
Jones features on three songs with Tex Perkins (as Minced Meat) and Panther Burns on Backyard Blues, with Billy Ficca (Television) and Brian Ritchie (The Violent Femmes) on Up For It and with Mudhoney on Lucky Bastard.
Three-quarters of the now-defunct Luxedo continue in the same vein with The Devastations (Ive Walked This Road), and Dan Kelly shows up with The Alpha Males on the very poppy Check Out Cutie.
On a local note, Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side score their first official release with their fine Spanish dilemma I Dont Think She Loves Me.

Buzz Magazine, Melbourne:
Compilation of rare, live, and upcoming tracks from some of Australia’s best independent bands. Acts like The Double Agents, Dallas Crane, The Devastations and Six Ft Hick are all included on this virtual Christmas gift from Spooky Records to Australian rock fans. Spencer P. Jones can even be heard on a rare collaboration with Seattles Mudhoney. Seldom found in todays music scene, ‘The Spooky Records Bootlegs – Volume One’ is a collection of bands that play music because they love to play music. And bands that don’t give a stuff about image, trends or dollar signs, more often than not, make the best music!

The Age ‘EG’, Melbourne:
Melbourne could rightly stake its claim as on of the worlds rock capitals on the strength of this compilation of a dozen tracks by 12 bands. A better story may be how the hell one little local label came to have such an amazing roster of artists. It shows a truly maniacal dedication to filthy, guitar-grinding rock. As good as every track on this disc is, highlights emerge: Minced Meat with Panther Burns is Tex Perkins lacerating his tonsils, with backing from Panther Burns and Spencer P. Jones, on Backyard Blues; Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side is Six Ft Hicks Ben Corbett having some fun singing in bad Spanish on I don’t think She Loves Me; The Drones are so good its scary on The Millers Daughter, six-and-a-half minutes of howling mayhem (this is the killer track). If you missed Luxedo, check out the Devastations on I’ve walked this road. The disc ends with a treat, Spencer P. Jones again, this time fronting Mudhoney, on a jam titled Lucky Bastard.

Beat Magazine, Album of the Week – Melbourne:
You get to hear something spawning and individual, it makes you like the good God-given ground it scrambled out from. Melbourne label Spooky Records released The Spooky Records Bootlegs – Volume One, a collection of 11 frightfully great bands and one quite average. Listeners to this record will lend themselves to a corrupted imagination, and a musical scope thats thankfully two aeons away from the Top 40 chemical gas

The Double Agents hit hard, and they sure hit with the most complete opening track for an album. Friends In Low Places swings in its strung-out fiendishness. The song has a dervish chained to the rhythm. Miss Kimmy handles the white-soul vocals like the misnomer it is, and frantically tries to kill us off during the chorus. Trusting instincts is a good thing. Some people like money, some play for money, some marry for money, and some play coz they have to signify something from their bodies. The Doubles Agents know what the hell they’re talking about.

One of the best things about the album is the rarity of some of the tracks. Spencer P. Jones and Tex Perkins dropped off a track so howling and disturbing, it defines repeated listens. At first it sounds like Howlin Wolf, then some land-locked surf band like The Trashmen, then it just twists like Captain Beefheart performing an abortion on Satan. The blues canon surely deserves this song. Spencer also pops in for the other albums rarity, a track with bass by Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes) and Billy Ficca (Television) on drums.

The Drones continue their eerie predestine of having never written a dodgy song. This time its a track that never made it onto their debut album Here Come The Lies. The song The Millers Daughter has the most seismic guitar sound, that slashes under, all over and across Gareth Liddiards vocal rasping. At times this invokes the literary vapour of French spiritual-aesthete, Louis-Ferdinand Celine.

A highlight of the album is Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males track Check Out Cutie. The song sounds how disturbed Eddie Cochran might have been, if he hung out with shit-eating dwarves at the feet of Saint Peter. Briefly, you gotta give hard liquor hand-outs to King Daddy and The Devastations, for their ear-bogging songs, striking feeling and gutsy pith

Spooky Records have done something quite strange, theyve managed to assemble a collection of bands that resemble the current originators of Melbourne rock and roll. Its rock and roll in all its pleasant different shadings, but mainly a shading with a fat-load of sputum lashed all over it. Enjoy the dark static and hope there’s a Volume Two.

Rip It Up – Adelaide:
With this grab bag of previews, rarities, outtakes and relics from under the house, the good people at Spooky Records have served up a home grown primer of where real rocknroll is at in Australia.
The disc opens in fine fashion with whats proved to be one of my favourites, the rollin, rumblin, sexiness of The Double Agents aptly-titled Friends in Low Places from their forthcoming full-length. The collection has been sequenced particularly well to show off the variety contained herein; from the mock Latin flavoured I Dont Think She Loves Me, with Gentle Ben & His Sensitive side sounding like Nick Cave circa Henrys Dream to the rocknroll fun of Dan Kelly & The Alpha Males Check Out Cutie and with he range of artists reaching from Queenslands SixFtHick to South Australias own King Daddy.
In a CD full of highlights (most amazing since the recording is made up of the acts collective offcuts), the crème-de-la-crème includes Spencer P Jones With The Beeks on the raw-voiced Up for It, recorded in New York with Billy Ficca (Television) and Brian Ritchie (The Violent Femmes); Minced Meat With Panther Burns, and featuring Tex Perkins in classic Beasts Of Bourbon down-and-dirty vocal mode on Backyard Blues; the ball busting, blues drenched, live recording of Great White by Hugo Race & True Spirit and the beautifully melancholy languor of The Devastations Leonard Cohen-meets-Tindersticks I’ve Walked This Road.
Spencer also features on the closing track joined by Beast bassist Brian Hooper and the Mudhoney rhythm section for Lucky Bastard, a track full of improvised lyrics, a cracking riff and attitude to burn this track sums up the spirit of this collection perfectly.
Easily amongst my top releases for the year.

4ZZZ – Brisbane, Australia:
Got the bootlegs today and FUCK ME!!!! Gentle Ben was right, this is the damn best bunch of tunes I have heard this year. Expect a flogging from us here at Zed!!!The SPOOKY RECORDS BOOTLEGS: Volume one CD [12 Rare dirty arsed recordings + Mudhoney co-operation]

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