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Original UK pressing.
BIG BEAT Records.

UK vinyl pressing of this 1983 album from the Garage/Punk pioneers. The Smell Of Female is one of the most renowned live albums of all time. Recorded at the legendary Peppermint Lounge, the band were in fine fettle, full flight and fantastic form. The Cramps are usually credited as the inventors of psychobilly, an amalgam of rockabilly, surf rock and punk.

Thee Most Exalted Potentate Of Love 2:54
You Got Good Taste 3:19
Call Of The Wighat 3:37
Faster Pussycat 2:39 (Bert Shefter)
I Ain’t Nuthin’ But A Gorehound 3:09
Psychotic Reaction 3:47 (Kenn Ellner, Roy Chaney, Craig Atkinson, Sean Byrne, John Michalski)

All tracks composed by Lux Interior and Poison Ivy Rorschach except where indicated.

Smell Of Female is the first live album by the American garage punk band The Cramps. It was recorded at The Peppermint Lounge on February 25-26, 1983

Lux Interior: vocals
Poison Ivy Rorschach: lead guitar
Kid Congo Powers: guitar
Nick Knox: drums

Several bands including (queens of the stone age qotsa) covered their song Thee Most Exalted Potentate Of Love


5.0 out of 5 stars One of the Best Live Albums I’ve Heard,
The first live album from The Cramps, “”Smell of Female”” was recorded in NYC Peppermint Lounge and proves that the band were just as potent and mesmerizing on stage as they were in the studio.

“”The Most Exhalted Potentate”” belies its pretentious title and with its Middle-Eastern motif, instantly becomes one of The Cramps most intriguing numbers. There a 1960s rock and roll vibe throughout most of this collection that begins with “”You Got Good Taste”” and continues on “”Call of the Wighat”” and “”Faster Pussycat”” (which features a charming xylophone of all things) and is most obvious in a cover of the Count Five “”Psychotic Reaction””. Lux is sounding more like Mick Jagger and less like Gene Vincent on most of this album, which plays like a tribute to 1966 garage bands circa 1983.

The Cramps are broadening their horizons with this effort, yet their trademark tongue-in-cheek lyrics are still there (songs like “”I Ain’t Nuthin’ But a Gorehound””, “”Surfin’ Dead”” and “”Beautiful Gardens””) along with the simple but killer riffs.

The highlight of the album is the alternately simmering/rousing “”She Said”” which offers a lot of call-and-response with the audience which could be annoying but Lux knows exactly what they want and exactly when to give it to them.

One of the best live albums I’ve heard and another triumph for The Cramps. Five stars.
5.0 out of 5 stars “”F””ing awesome,
Great, Great, awesome. I definitely recommend this and Psychadelic Jungle/Gravest Hits. Very Very Good. You aren’t cool unless you have this. THat right, I went there.
5.0 out of 5 stars a great intro to this band if you’ve never listened to them,
the cramps are/were great–and this collection is a good introduction to their music. Great road trip tunes. The only thing i lost in my divorce that i cared about!! buy it!
5.0 out of 5 stars prime live cramps,
the only problem with this cd is it not long enough. great playing and great songs (Thee most exalted potentate of love being my favourite) including their usual well chosen covers. their version of psychotic reaction is fantastic. don’t miss this one.
5.0 out of 5 stars Stick that knife in the crimson jenson and twist!,
I own pretty much everything you can get by The Cramps when you are stuck on planet earth, but this one is my personal favorite. There a lot of songs on here that you won’t hear on other releases. Great songs to blast in your car or at home. All around a superb disc full of energy… There nothing like seeing them live but this does come pretty darn close.
5.0 out of 5 stars The Cramps in their natural habitat,
a divey bar is where they really shine. Lux Interior is a great frontman. The recording quality is pretty good, and the setlist is great.
5.0 out of 5 stars Classic Party Music,
This was a party tape for my friends and I during the eighties! It powerful, explosive, fun. I’d recommend it for the music collection for anyone that has good taste..

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