TATTOO RODEO: Rode hard put away wet CD with LONGBOX 1991. White Sister, Steel Panther members. Check videos


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A longbox is a form of exterior paperboard packaging for musical compact discs in widespread use in the 1980’s and early 1990’s in North America.
When compact discs first began to appear in the retail stores, the longbox packaging served a transitional purpose, allowing shops to file new compact discs in the same bins originally used for vinyl records. Longboxes were 12″ tall, and capable of containing two separate discs when necessary.


This is the debut disc from this quartet and the album runs the gamut from ballads to rockers. Tracks like “Love Shuffle”, “Shotgun Johnny” and “Hard Like A Rock” showcase the heavier side, while tunes such as “Been Your Fool” and the excellent ballad “Let Me Be The One” display the softer side. Its a pretty good CD, with a heavy country feel to it. I give Tattoo Rodeo one thumb up on this album.

What a find~~LOVE this CD. Every song on here is great!! If you like bluesy rock this is a definite for your collection.

GREAT CD – Ex-White sister members going southern, with a lot of style – Highlights – Been your fool, Let me be one (Great ballads, awesome vocals), Tell me why, and well… the rest of the album – 9.5!

a great band that never got the credit they deserved. this CD is better than their second entitled, “skin”. great vocals!

5.0 out of 5 stars Memory Lane,
I remember when i bought the cassette.I joined the fan club and actually got a hand written letter from one of the guys in the band.This was always one of my favorite releases of all time,i listened to it everyday,wish i had more info on the band and what they are doing today.But if you like rock music mixed with some blues this one will not leave you feeling cheated,its worth it..

this is an absolute classic! Just jammed packed with killer songs! I’m not scared about saying this is the closest thing you’ll get to the excellent GIANT!, that’s right I said GIANT. This Dennis Churchil Dries can hit a serious note, what a shit hot singer, does anyone know anything about him, he sounds like a clone of Dann Huff of GIANT.

TOP COMMENT from Margarita:
“If Dennis Dries could f*** as well as he sings, I’d get down on my knees and force him at mouth point to marry me! Gloriously intoxicating vocals, tight transitions, great music to make your innards tremble!!!”

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