XENON: America’s New Design CD Long Island 1989 RARE +Ted Poley [Danger Danger] + Mitch Malloy + Reb Beach. Check audio samples


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Category: Hard Rock
Year: 1989
Label: Long Island LIR 00087

Joey Fiamingo vocals
Bob Specht guitars
Irene Wohlman bass
Tony Capobianco drums
Mitch Malloy guest backing vocals
Reb Beach guest backing vocals [Also with: Winger, Dokken, Whitesnake, Night Ranger, Alice Cooper]
Mike Jones guest backing vocals
Ted Poley guest backing vocals


1. Tip of My Fingers 3:54
2. Here When I Need You 2:42
3. So Hard 4:37
4. Maybe 5:22
5. Safe (Till the Morning) 4:49
6. On and On 4:21
7. A Night to Remember 4:39
8. Thru the Rain 4:21
9. Holding On 3:56
10. Cry in the Night 4:03

Total Running Time: 42:44

xenon rocks!

I need Xenon in my life! My girlfriend said I needed to stop listening to Xenon or lose her. Well, guess who’s single now!!!!!

Excellent guitar driven rock from one of the lesser known bands from the Hair Band days. I would put them on par with XYZ and Dokken. so Hard’ is the awesome song from this album. This rocks!! Get it!!

Xenon is real deal! Great songs such as ‘On and On’

Combine the best of Mr. Big and Telsla with a touch of Dokken and the attitude of Ratt and you have Xenon. I’ve owed this CD for many years, but I forgot just how good it is. TIP OF MY FINGERS is better than 900f the tunes that dominated MTV in the late 80s.

I really like so hard’ off this one
Wow pretty recommendable album IMHO…what i like about this act is the voice of Joey Fiamingo and that lovely lady who plays the bass in here named Irene Wohlman …this band still plays around the American circuit nowadays…the songs i liked the best were “Tip Of My Fingers”, “A Night To Remember” & “Cry In The Night”…”So Hard”, “Safe (Till The Morning)”On & On”(nice track)& “Holding On”(a song that rocks)are also worth…88/100

very good hard rock release from new jersey territory nack in the mid 80 s. XENON have great musicianship, certain personality, remarkable song writing, nice vibe. XENON s debut is a must have with excellent songs like “so hard”, “maybe”, “on and on” and “through the rain”

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