SCARED OF GIRLS: Sonic Boom CD punky, power-pop, alterna-quirky Rock. Check AUDIO.


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Can’t-get’em-out-of-your-head hooks and melodies – punky, power-poppy and alterna-quirky, with enough rock integrity to power a freight train.

1 Sonic Boom
2 Head over heels
3 Monday Morning

4 Everything I hoped you wouldn’t be
5 The guy without a clue
6 Mr. Tibbs

7 OK
8 Blame
9 Everything…(unplugged)
* Rock: Modern Rock * Pop: Power Pop

Live performance

Location * USA: California – LA
Recommended if you like … * Alanis Morissette * Queen * blink-182
Soundblast Magazine: “Fantastic, infectious songs and an extraordinary vocalist – that is the essence of Scared Of Girls.”
Music Connection Magazine: “Intriguing, impressive and engaging, every element of this band is imaginative. “Expertly crafted poppy, alternative rock that runneth over with enthusiasm and good vibes.”

This CD will forever be one of my favs and apparently I’m lucky to own a few of them before they were perm out of stock!! It uplifting and refreshing. Toggos vocals are unique and powerful! The musicianship and energy that bleeds thru each songs will get you hooked!!
What a great CD!
author: Lyn Carnahan
The CD is great! Toggos voice is so different. Just in time. Something new!
author: MARTIN, UK
In a world full of so much darkness comes the rock n’ roll knights in glittery shining armour. Killer Tunes and an original look. Keep rockin’ guys !!
Very entertaining!
author: Trip
These guys know what it takes to put on a good show! Buy the CD already!
I have seen the light!
author: Denise Johnson
In a world where there are currently no great male rock singers, it is such a breath of fresh air to stumble over this pearl of a band. Such emotion, such range, such tone! Thank you for this record, you move me.
Melodies like the Beatles!
author: Richard K
This music makes me feel really good inside. Well thought out lyrics, wonderful melodies and great musicianship. I am very happy with this.
author: Jennifer
Amazing, amazing, amazing! So original, so incredibly hooky, I can’t believe this band is for real. FINALLY!
Three Guys: ” Scared of Girls ” Elevating Sound to SUPERB NEW LEVEL !!!!
author: Ed ” Hammer ” Hegge
Superb New Level of Sound. Original; capping your mind like a dynamite stick !!!! Once engaged – Toggo will Blow Your Mind making you Jump,Sweat,Bump,Screaming up the runway at full throttle…
author: Alison
I ordered this CD a while back – ever since, its had the number 1 position in my CD changer. This CD is AMAZING – the melodies, Toggos (the lead singer) incredible, unique voice, the production – everything!! Look out for this band, this is the new sound of rock!!

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