SAGA: In Transit LP (LIVE in Munich n Copenhagen). Very, Very Good Progressive album, fantastic production.


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Track listing:
“”Careful Where You Step”” (Jim Crichton, Michael Sadler) – 4:20
“”Don’t Be Late”” (J. Crichton, Sadler, Ian Crichton) – 6:52
“”Humble Stance”” (J. Crichton, Sadler, Peter Rochon, I. Crichton) – 5:50
“”Wind Him Up”” (J. Crichton, Sadler, I. Crichton, Jim Gilmour, Steve Negus) – 5:48
“”How Long”” (J. Crichton, Sadler, Rochon) – 3:52
“”No Regrets”” (J. Crichton, Sadler) – 3:57
“”A Brief Case”” (Sadler, Negus) – 2:19
“”You’re Not Alone”” (J. Crichton, I. Crichton, Negus, Rochon) – 5:31
“”On The Loose”” (Sadler, J. Crichton, I. Crichton, Gilmour, Negus) – 4:19

In Transit is a live album by Canadian progressive rock band Saga. The album was recorded in Copenhagen and Munich in 1982.
In Transit is one of this Canadian band best albums, which is not often said about a live release. Saga progressive edge is toned down by Michael Sadler serious vocal style, which is both highly energetic and pleasantly soft. Like Marillion, their songs involve short keyboard stints followed by gracious electric guitar work, with intricate themes being unravelled in the lyrics all the while. This album radiates with the band electrifying fervour, and by not being too progressive or pretentious, each song ends up being immensely entertaining. “”Humble Stance,”” with the precision of Ian Crichton guitar playing, is stunning, as is the drumming on “”Wind Him Up.”” The synthesizer is used wisely on “”How Long,”” faintly shimmering in and out amongst the clarity of Sadler voice. Ending with the spirited bombast of “”On the Loose,”” the album as a whole has no weak moments, and not a lot of crowd interference either, which can sometimes tarnish a live album. Saga produces a comfortable balance of progressive elements and straight-ahead rock, so that their music can be appreciated by fans of both styles. In Transit is solid evidence of this.

Jim Crichton – Bass guitar, keyboards
Michael Sadler – Lead vocals, keyboards, bass guitar, electronic drum pads on “”A Brief Case””
Jim Gilmour – Lead keyboards, vocals, clarinet and lead vocals on “”No Regrets””
Ian Crichton – guitars
Steve Negus – Drums and electronic percussion
5.0 out of 5 stars The definitive sampler on Saga-a criminally underrated band,
From their first album in the late 1970, Saga was a healthy blend of progressive synth rock with a dash of pop. The band has always suffered from an image problem: they’re from Canada (some people instantly dismiss them as being in the same vein as Rush), have had considerable success in Europe (so many people think they’re German or Dutch) and in Puerto Rico and Venezuela (hence the previous review and this one) They obviously haven’t got the credit they deserve. And they deserve a lot.
This album pretty much serves as a compilation of their greatest hits before “”Worlds Apart”” came out. (These are mostly late 70 and early 80 songs) After that album, many fans found they went too much into pop/concept album fare (and thereby losing some direction). Listen to the clips. This is a tight unit, not your typical pop millionaires strumming away on a gig. The newer albums have much more of the same fine musicianship, but this one had hip-hop rhythms and strong guitar riffs long before they came into style. Definitely ahead of its time. Some technical flaws, but pretty much an accurate representation of the Saga sound, full of analogue synths, Ian Crichton “”chucka-chucka”” guitar riffing, and Michael Sadler warm, dramatic voice.
Don’t count them out. Listen to the newer albums and judge by yourself. And if you like this album as much as I did, wait till you see them live…
5.0 out of 5 stars What a saga,
My favorite songs from Saga are on this album. I like their honey-comb shape electric drum which makes a fun vibrating sound, check song “”A brief case”” a drum solo that has that electric drum and a regular drum. I like when their guitar is marching like an army as in “”Humble stance””. But the most interesting feature is their synthesizer. They do have nice stories. My favorite song “”Don’t be late””
5.0 out of 5 stars Essential buy,
“”In Transit”” is Saga best-known album in Germany, and it a sort of “”Best of early-era Saga”” compilation. I never liked Saga studio albums much, because they always sounded like a pop-oriented Rush rip-off. But this live album is more energetic and doesn’t wear thin after a few listens. I think every fan of ’80s mainstream rock should have a copy of “”In Transit””.
5.0 out of 5 stars THE best live album EVER!!!
In Transit is a must for any fan of rock/prog. Saga being one of the most obnoxiously underrated bands of all time really nail it on this release. The live versions of these songs are so great that knowledge of the studio versions is not necessary-THAT is a sign of a great live record. The only problem is that it too short!!! Highlights include Careful Where You Step, UNBELIEVABLE drumming!!! How Long, brilliant, On the Loose, loose and fun, great ending, finally A Brief Case which is Steve Negus and Michael Sadler playing drums, the latter on a brief case that contains electronic drums, I believe!!! The whole thing pumps!!!! Check it out, you won’t lose!!
5.0 out of 5 stars Having Fun…,
The band is obviously having a good time and I am having a great time discovering the music of Saga! In fact, I haven’t enjoyed exploring older “”essential”” stuff since I got hooked on old Genesis and Mahavishnu Orchestra 15+ years ago. Now am I comparing above said bands…no, that may get me in deep water with other reviewers here, but Saga is a very interesting and musical group that is worthy to be remembered as a band that added their unique sound to an already rich musical genre we call progressive. Anyway, this live album really “”kicks”” and has a fairly comprehensive set list of their earliest material (first 4 albums) that is a great place for newcomers to the band to get a taste. Oh, and don’t let the running time of this disc stop you from getting it…it well worth buying.
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent live document of Saga at their peak,
In Transit captures Canadian group Saga arguably at their peak, running through songs taken from their first 4 albums, most notably their 1981 breakthrough “”Worlds Apart””. The recording quality is excellent and the group play the songs with fire and precision, the latter a quality that set Saga apart from other rock groups at the time and even brought comparisons to progressive rock bands like Yes and Gentle Giant.
5.0 out of 5 stars Great live recording!,
I have been an avid Saga fan since 1982. The first time I heard them it was obvious to me that they were excellent musicians as well as writers of very interesting and exciting music. A band with these qualities is always best when heard live because their professional edge and excitement is frequently lost in the studio recordings. That what “”In Transit”” gives us, that intangible excitement that only superb live music has. One of my most frequently played lp!
All the performances on this live LP are excellent. Some excellent live performances.
5.0 out of 5 stars get it, F
I have owned the LP for a number of years and it is probably one of the better Saga albums. As well it is likely one of the first LP digitally recorded.Excellent drum solo which isn’t too long, as many are.An essential album for any Saga fan to own or if you are curious, a good buy.
5.0 out of 5 stars One of the 80 groups. They opened an era.,
Maybe one of the best lp I’ve ever heard – in my humble opinion. They had magic, an special mixture of sound and feeling. They had essence. The 80 were the best. SAGA is the sound of 80.
5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding Live Recording!,
This is an outstanding live recording and highly recommended. It is fun to hear the group perform and interact with the audience.
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Sound for a live album
I was introduced to this by a friend. I was immediately impressed by the sound quality, being that it was digitally recorded (One of the first, I think). Generally, I don’t like live LP and don’t have very many, since the sound quality was usually sub-par when compared to studio versions. That is not the case here! The highs are crisp and clear and the bass has solid punch to it. Check out the drum solo!

Saga is keyboard-based music rather than guitar-based (my preference), but they are excellent musicians and have a few big hits. But since I was only familiar with the Saga songs played on the radio and MTV, I had not heard some of these songs before. So, not only was I impressed by the sound, but by great songs new to me. I had been looking for this CD for years, but it was out of print. I’m glad it is available again. If you only have one Saga LP in your collection, this should be it.
5.0 out of 5 stars
This is simply one of the best live albums I’ve ever heard. I did not own any Saga albums before this and I’ve not purchased any since, but this group of songs holds a place in my heart. Many memories listening to it – none that I’d like to share, but the crazy thing is I listen to it now over 20 years later and it still just as incredible as ever. And it sounds fantastic sober!! Who’da thought?!?! This is not a great review, so I’m here as someone that travelled to places unexpected while listening to this album. It a classic I will ALWAYS come back to.

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