NUTZ: Live Cutz LP. Nutz became the band Rage (1980’s). Very Underrated. Highly recommended


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Blistering rock on funky backdrops, and pushing a serious prog intent into the kind of territory that Queen once toyed with, Nutz were one of the hottest bands around in the years before punk rock rose to sweep their generation to oblivion, and they retained those energies for a while afterwards. This album will take you effortlessly back to a time when the only people who didn’t like Nutz werenuts.
The vocals are in top form as is the other instrumentation. R.S.D sounds fantastic – excellent melodic rocker and the keyboards kill. “Loser-Pushed Around” holds up well also and is a solid rocker. You can hear elements of Styxs’ “Man In The Wilderness” which actually works well. The opener “Seeing Is Believing” carries a funky clavinet sound along with the hammond organ. Vocally, this song delivers sheer vocal talent and the harmonies are a welcome. “Sick and Tired” borrows its clavinet riff from Trampled Under Foot the track however holds up well and remains one of the more solid choices of course until the synth (once again) rears its ugly head. Luckily it is short lived. “One More Cup Of Coffee” is soulful.

Nutz – Live Cutz
Label: A&M Records  AMLH 68453
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: UK
Released: 1977
Genre: Rock, Classic Rock
A1 Seeing Is Believing 6:16
A2 Loser 4:48
A3 Pushed Around 3:17
A4 You Better Watch Out 6:30

B1 R.S.D. 4:00
B2 Joke 3:30
B3 Can Be Loved 2:43
B4 Wallbanger 9:07
B5 Knife Edge 3:00
Bass Guitar Keith Mulholland
Drums John Mylett
Engineer Greg Cobb, John Eden, Tim Painter
Guitar Mick Devonport
Keyboards Kenny Newton
Vocals Dave Lloyd 
Written By M Bersen (tracks: A2)
Written-By Dave Lloyd (2) (tracks: A3, A4, B1, B4), John Mylett (tracks: A4, B4), Keith Mulholland (tracks: A4, B4), Kenny Newton (tracks: A4, B4), Mick Devonport (tracks: A1, A4, B2, B3, B4, B5)
Recorded at Nottingham Boat Club – Island Mobile, Mixed at Marquee Studios. Last track ‘Knife Edge’ sounds like its the encore song.

5.0 out of 5 stars great forgotten hard rock,
i love the albums the Nutz did back in the 70s, its sad how forgotten they are and how they just came and went with a lot of other hard rock bands in the mid to late 70s, this is a fantastic album and one of there best, if you liked Quartz, UFO, Budgie, Slade, Nazareth then this totally belongs in your collection………………

5.0 out of 5 stars One of my favourite albums of all time…
Way back in the day (late 70s), we listened to it a couple of times, and we were hooked. I managed to find a second copy of it, and it has been in my vinyl collection ever since. I still listen to it once in a while. It is definitely worth a listen. The lyrics are interesting, and the music is great (in my never-to-be-humble opinion.)


Amazing live band, saw them do a similar set in Watford. Still have the vinyl and play it often!


I love this album. I bought it after seeing them a few times at Jenks Bar in Blackpool


My friend at school in the late 70s had the album and did me a cassette copy but has totally worn out now so was glad to receive this as a present .Love the rock music from this era with bands such as Quartz, Anglewitch, Diamond Head, Witchfynde, Samson etc and was lucky to attend the Reading Rock Festival in 1980 when these bands were at the the peak. Superb memories !


I have enjoyed this album ever since my sister bought it, back in ’78! Energetic full throttle good basic rock!! All the musicians are VERY busy 🙂


Great album have just got this for Xmas from my wife. Superb !
Saw them live they where brilliant.

whole album on YouTube (audio only):

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