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Full-length, Independent
1. Drink from the Waters of War 03:41
2. Calling the Dragon 03:28
3. Dragon War 04:13
4. Perimeter 03:10
5. The Mystic Comes 04:04
6. It’s All This and a Hell of a Lot More 02:55
7. Draconic Power 03:13
8. You Bring Tears to My Eyes 04:48
9. Dragon Companions 04:06
10. Daconis Pyre 03:33
11. I’m Coming for You 04:21
Total playing time 41:32

Gothic Metal with grooving guitars, heavy bass, deep and haunting vocals to in your face screams.
KeyDragon is a Gothic/Power Metal band with unique songs that combine an aggressive singing/screaming vocalist with a heavy synth player, a keyboarder of the new wave type, A rock ‘n’ roll drummer/percussive synthesist, three different guitarists ranging from death to new wave, a Gothic female vocalist, and a psychotic sax player. When these powers combine, the most original, heavy, and driven music has been created. George R Langford has provided much of the inspiration as well as the theme of this new album. Three songs are of the war as it really is and does…not the war you see and hear about from every one else. Ron Langford (KeyDragon) has written 5 songs of A fantasy war of Dragons and Lily White has written one more song on the fantasy war of Dragons. This is one of the heaviest experiences you will ever undertake. Be prepared to Drink From The Waters Of War!”

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