JUNKYARD: 1st, debut, s.t PROMO CD. RARE 1989 Good Time US Hard Rock. Check “Simple Man”, “Hollywood” videos + 2 video reviews of the album


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Junkyard built on this reputation in the sweaty, beer-soaked dive bars of East Hollywood. In a city awash in a sea of hairspray, lipstick and power ballads their appeal was immediate, and after a show with Jane’s Addiction at L.A.’s legendary Scream Club, Geffen Records pounced.
The band’s self-titled debut was released in 1989 to significant acclaim. Dubbed “a swaggering mutation of Motörhead and ZZ Top,” it garnered rave reviews (including four stars from Rolling Stone) and yielded sales in excess of half a million units. Both its singles, “Hollywood” and “Simple Man” received major MTV airplay, with “Simple Man” hitting #47 on the Billboard rock chart.
The next year, Junkyard released its sophomore album, “Sixes, Sevens and Nines.” Produced by Ed Stasium (Motörhead, Ramones), the album featured song writing collaboration with country legend Steve Earle (“Slippin’ Away”). A tour of England with The Almighty followed, as well as a North American arena tour opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd.
After the success of their first two albums, Junkyard went back to the drawing board for what was to be their third release, but changing musical tastes led to recording upsets and Junkyard disbanded. In 2014, Geffen re-released Junkyard’s first two albums and the band was once again in demand.

Category: Hard Rock
Year: 1989
Label: Geffen 924 227-2 [even the actual disc is stamped PROMO)
Format: CD, PROMO Album [even the actual disc is stamped PROMO)
Country: USA

David Roach vocals and percussion
Chris Gates lead and rhythm guitars
Patrick Michael Muzingo drums and percussion
Clay Anthony Bass
Brian Baker lead and rhythm guitars

1. Blooze
2. Hot Rod
3. Simple Man

4. Shot in the Dark
5. Hollywood

6. Life Sentence
7. Long Way Home
8. Can’t Hold Back
9. Texas
10. Hands Off


A gritty, heavily tattooed outfit that infused elements of southern rock and blues into their brand of L.A. sleaze metal. Their no-frills brand of rock’n’roll, where the music mattered more then the image, should have made them household names, but they failed to have much in the way of commercial success.
Formed in Los Angeles by a couple of transplanted Texans in David Roach (vocals) and Chris Gates (guitar, ex-Big Boys). Members came and went before they offered the drum stool to Pat Muzingo, who in turn brought with him bassist Clay Anthony. The final piece of the puzzle was the addition of guitarist Brian Baker, whom Gates knew from the punk circuit when he was in such bands as Minor Threat and Dag Nasty. The self-titled debut album, produced by the legendary Tom Werman, followed a grittier hard rock path than the punk roots of the members. The follow-up was more of the same raunchy music, and just before it release Todd Muscat (Decry/Kill For Thrills) replaced Anthony.

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect. Stick it on when you’re, er, fed up,
This is such a winning combination of fast rock and sarcastic humour, it a crime more bands aren’t familiar with the style and that more people don’t know this album even exists.
Simple Man and Hands Off are definite stand-out tracks. You’d have to be made of stone not to find yourself singing, humming or tapping along to the former, whilst Hands Off tickles the old funny bone in a gloriously misogynistic kind of way. However, don’t go thinking the rest of the album is, therefore, redundant because you’d be so wrong. Every track is well crafted and a joy to hear. Just make sure your Gran is out of earshot before the final song or you may find yourself covered in tea…

Great over looked album of the metal hey-day. Along the lines of L.A Guns and Britny Fox. Total package with a rockin’ Blues edge…Simple Man keeps it real and the intro to Hollywood is enough to make even the best air guitar players scream in ecstasy…Overlooked great album!

Here is a really good rock n roll band. That is what they are….I mean, sure they can be considered one of those 80 hair bands, but I say they are just rock n roll. They didn’t have a wild guitar player or lipstick. They played strait up blues/rock. I like that style of having jeans & t-shirts, booze and girls! This is a hard rock album and is something worth having.

It was a nice change to see a rock band that actually looked like guys. They were a no nonsense rock band! Junkyard kicks ass. Great cruising music.

Southern fried blues rock at it best!

damn!…..this disc is raw southern,sleazy,whiskey drinking blues rock……..100% raw…must have!

duanne roland, who was in molly hatchet, made guest appearances on this album.

This LP along with “”Sixes, Sevens, & Nines”” is some of the best music from the 80. I guess they weren’t pretty enough to make it big back then.

Hey…did any of you know that most of theses guys are old punk guys? Brian Baker was in Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, and is currently in Bad Religion. Chris Gates was in the Big Boys..just a history lesson for ya

I bought this for ‘Hollywood’ and it turns out that wasn’t even close to the best song on the album. This is awesome, start to finish. The lyrics are amazingly mature for a hard rock album. Except ‘Blooze’, but those are so funny it forgiven. ‘Talkin’ bout when you got two bucks left, you want nothing to eat, you just gotta keep drinkin’. 9.5/10.

junkyard definitely was an underrated strait-up in your face rollin and a rompin band that I surely related to their lyrics 1000% due to my own lifestyle especially off their first album songs like blooze hands off life sentence simple man with those Texas chainsaw guitars I had never heard before dressed like Bozs instead of pretty boy poseurs I still have to listen to Junkyard today cause it still rocks better than this new music out today Junkyard has helped to forever change my life

One of a few albums that actually lives up to longevity. Not for the timid but for the thrill seeker. To actually understand the album you have to not listen but be aware of the sounds. It simple. The album kicks ass. And they just keep getting better. Rock under and Roll over.

Never got the respect that they deserve. One of the best bands that came from the 80. Long live the mighty Junkyard.

Great stuff.Mix AC/DC with some Skynyrd and add in almost a punky vibe (mainly in terms of tempos) and you have Junkyard. THe Fizz picks: “”Blooze,”” “”Hot Rod,”” “”Simple Man,”” “”Hollywood,”” “”Life Sentence”” and the crowning achievement”” “”Hands Off.”” Now if I could just figure out what he mumbling before “”Baby, you gave him heeeeead!””

i aint talkin bout no lite weight,candy ass,weekend warriors! im talkin bout JUNKYRD!!!!

KICKS ASS. I dig this album.

What a fuckin’ rock album!!! Great songs guys…Junkyard rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

loved it, fun fun fun, what rock music means to me.”

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