GREENFLY: Hidden Pleasures of A Nonexistent Reality CD PROMO. + Death cover. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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Greenfly is another good release from Morbid records. The band is a side-project for the guys from Haemorrhage, so no prizes will be offered for guessing the bands style. The grindcore act does have the grating guitars, the barking vocals and the harsh overtones, but the structures are actually quite melodic. The bread and butter of the band and the genre is still the blasting fast parts and those are done quite well. The emphasis is on the instrumental parts, which only means more of the rhythmic attack of the Spaniards. A special mention goes to the bands intriguing choice of front and back cover artwork. Greenfly’s album is a low-key side-project, which nonetheless should attract a few extreme grindcore and metal fanatics given the chance.

1. Life Downfall (Intro) 03:36
2. Ten Thousand Degrees 04:38

3. First World Domination 04:58
4. Living Beyond Suffering 09:59
5. Crossbreaker 03:47
6. Face Of The Injustice 03:55
7. Born Dead (Death cover) 03:20

8. Fallen Empire 05:02
9. Hidden Pleasures Of A Nonexistent Reality (Outro) 02:07
Total playing time 41:22

Label: Morbid Records MR 102
Format: CD, Album PROMO
Country: Germany
Released: 2003
Grindcore, Death Metal

Bass, Guitar Mon*
Drums Rojas
Guitar, Backing Vocals Dani
Vocals Monzón

Recorded and mixed at Virtual Recording Studio (Madrid/Spain) during spring 2002.


Greenfly started back in 1992, and after releasing their only demo in 1994, they decided to split up. Dani and Ramon (both also in Haemorrhage) reanimated Greenfly and recorded some new material. Now it is time for their debut album. Second guitar is handled by Climber of Machetazos. Greenfly’s suppurating soul still thinks, that time is the first half of 1990s. You can’t kill the spirit.

Greenfly do not try off this retro-thing, they live it. The band’s mixture of metallic extremities include many wonderful ingredients. But marvellous contents alone do not make wonderful piece of music. ‘Hidden Pleasures…’ is full of energy and joy of bashing out ugly metal, not so polished at all and with slightly innaccuracy in performing. And it is infectious, like plague itself. At least some of the music here must be from 1990s (well, Death’s ‘Born Dead’ is even older, he). Musically, I’d say Greenfly are dark death metal. There’s grind, doom, heavy and thrash metal influences, too, sometimes in one song. A lot of riffing, leads and soloing. However, it holds together well enough and it is easy to follow, still it takes a lot of playing to find every detail.
Most of the vocals by Monzon are brutal, guttural throat in many various ways. The lyrics are about modern societies and future possibilities. The production is practically timeless, even though clearly with 21st century punch.

This is such a soulful experience through the metal music history, that it should not leave anyone who likes old school metal cold. A lot of styles can be heard and the music reminds me of many great bands. ‘Hidden Pleasures…’ is a big fuck-you to many “metal” albums released nowadays, and also to many so-called “metal” bands. A very good debut album. It is tough job to write anything else about Greenfly. Except: They are fucking metal, if you still didn’t get it!!!

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