HELLANBACH: Now Hear This LP N.W.O.B.H.M 11 track with inner sleeve Neat records 1983. . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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11 track with inner sleeve neat records 1006 1983

Full-length, Neat Records

Vocals : Jimmy Brash
Guitars : Dave Patton
Bass : Kev Charlton
Drums : Steve Walker

NEAT 1006

Cover also came in white.
1. Dancin’ 04:03
2. Times Are Getting Harder 03:55
3. Loot At Me 03:04
4. All Systems Go 03:22
5. Maybe Tomorrow 03:47
6. Motivated By Desire 03:08
7. Taken By Surprise 05:04
8. Lets Get This Show On The Road 02:56
9. Kick It Out 03:51
10. All The Way 03:13
11. Everybody Wants To Be A Cat 03:47
Total playing time 40:10



Check songs 7 to 17:

I remember hearing the track “Dancing” on the Friday Rock show and thinking “thats awesome!” The first thing that strikes you is the “Fair Warning” era Van Halen influences. Dave Patton has the Eddie sound down pretty good – detuned to ‘D’ by the sounds of it (+ flanger and some pretty neat volume control work). The guys talented all right (Dave I mean – as we know what Eddies capable of!). Theres plenty of guitar squeals and divebombs to keep even the most avid of metalers happy.

The whole sound of the album is pretty good considering Neats small budget at the time – even after 20 years. Jimmy Brashs voice suits the whole style of the band – slightly Americanised (not overly though) and the rhythm section is well tight – cudos to Kev Charlton for some nifty bass runs.

Songwise, “Dancing”, “Times Are Getting Harder”, “All Systems Go” are real stand outs – and who can fault a cover of a Disney Classic “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat”? Not me thats for sure!

All in all a great album – up there with the likes of the first Raven album as one of Neats finest releases.

5.0 out of 5 stars NWOBHM classic and a personal favorite ‘The Big H’ an LP which I think any NWOBHM fan should own. Years before that I already played the first album to death.
Whats so great about Hellanbach is that they weren’t a pure British sounding metal act. They also included American elements in their music, especially by a wellknown metalband which earned them the nickname ‘VanHalenbach’.
Hellanbachs songs are quick, short and catchy and just boil over with energy.
All and all this is a very obscure band, but great for an avid NWOBHM collector. This LP has real value!

5.0 out of 5 stars Vintage NWOBHM, with an L.A. rock twist
If you’re a fan of the celebrated New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) movement, you have to love obscure NWOBHM bands like this one. This LP is a perfect example and Hellanbach had an interesting sound that was not quite typical of the rest of the NWOBHM scene. Sure, some of the trademark NWOBHM elements are present, such as the rapid fire riffing, heavy guitar sound, and brash attitude, but the band probably had more in common with American rock icons Van Halen than they did Judas Priest or Iron Maiden. Dave Patton had a very dynamic, flamboyant “guitar hero” style and vocalist Jimmy Brash obviously took some cues from David Lee Roth. They broke away from the Van Halen style a bit with their second album The Big H. The band ended up splitting after just two albums.

5.0 out of 5 stars Should have been the bigger than the Beatles
I can remember the thrill of hearing this piece of pure gold for the first time. That GUITARIST!!!!! Wow….. Don’t know where these boys are now, prison probably, but they should have been the biggest thing in Metal ever…… I love this band…

NWOBHM quartet HELLANBACH were formed in 1979 and came to the fore with their debut four track EP ”Out To Get You”, in 1980 on Guardian Records. The buzz surrounding the EP secured them a deal with Wallsend based Neat Records and a track, ‘All Systems Go’, on the ‘One Take No Dubs’ compilation EP in 1982. The bands critically acclaimed debut album ,’Now Hear This’, released in 1983, featured an inspired cover of ‘Everybody Wants To Be A Cat’ , a song first featured in its original form on the soundtrack for the Disney animated movie ‘The Aristocats’! All in all its a great album – up there with the likes of the first Raven album as one of Neats finest releases. Drummer Steve Walker was replaced by MYTHRAs Barry Hopper following the release of the album and whilst a second album surfaced in 1984, ‘The Big H’, it wasn’t as well received and the group subsequently disappeared. Guitarist Dave Patton was discovered to have joined GLENN HUGHES touring band in 1995. Bassist Kev Charlton subsequently worked with PHASSLAYNE frontman Micheal Maughan. Charlton joined the FIST reunion line-up in 2000.
Barry Hopper reunited with Maurice Bates of MYTHRA in Rockabilly band THE BUCKETS.

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