FASTER PUSSYCAT: Wake Me When It’s Over [Classic Sleazy tape cassette] Check audio (whole album) and videos “Poison Ivy” + “House of Pain”


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Wake Me When It Over = Studio album by Faster Pussycat
Released September 6, 1989
Genre Sleaze rock, Hard rock, Blues rock
Length 60:42
Label Elektra
Producer John Jansen

Wake Me When It Over is Faster Pussycat second album, moving from the hair metal sound of their first album to a blues-influenced sound.
After the recording of this album, drummer Mark Michals was fired because of heroin possession and drummer Frankie Banali was hired for a concert tour. Banali was replaced after the tour by Brett Bradshaw.
Music videos were produced for “”Poison Ivy”” and “”House of Pain””. “”House of Pain”” reached #28 in the Billboard Hot 100 and the video, which was directed by future film director Michael Bay, was in rotation on MTV. The album itself peaked at #48 in the Billboard 200.
The same triumvirate of influences as before dominate this album — Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses — and the band scored its first hit with the power ballad “”House of Pain.””

“”Where There a Whip, There a Way”” (Taime Downe, Brent Muscat, Greg Steele) 6:44
“”Little Dove”” (Downe, Muscat) 5:05
“”Poison Ivy”” (Downe, Eric Stacey) 4:24
“”House of Pain”” (Downe, Steele) 5:47
“”Gonna Walk”” (Downe, Muscat, Steele) 4:24
“”Pulling Weeds”” (Downe, Muscat) 4:35
“”Slip of the Tongue”” (Downe) 4:32
“”Cryin’ Shame”” (Downe, Steele) 4:51
“”Tattoo”” (Downe, Muscat, Steele) 4:56
“”Ain’t No Way Around It”” (Downe, Muscat, Steele) 4:31
“”Arizona Indian Doll”” (Downe, Steele) 4:40
“”Please Dear”” (Downe, Muscat) 6:25

Faster Pussycat:
Taime Downe- lead vocal
Greg Steele- guitar, piano, backing vocal
Brent Muscat- guitar, percussion, backing vocal
Eric Stacy- electric & fretless bass
Mark Michals- drums, percussion

Additional Musicians:
Amy Canyn – vocals
Jimmy Zavala – harmonica, sax
Kevin Savigar – piano & keyboards

5.0 out of 5 stars Purrr fection.,
This review is from: Wake Me When It Over [CASSETTE] (Audio Cassette)
Faster Pussycat annoyingly never became as big as they should have been and this album is prove of why they should have been massive. With their trademark hook hungry lyrics and sleazy guitars poured all over this second outing is a positive progression for them from their self titled debut. Which was, in it own right a very hard act to follow and in my eyes a true classic of the genre. More personal in terms of heartfelt ballads like House Of Pain and Please Dear, successfully showing a different side to the party band sound of the band. They then shake things up again with the likes of party rockers Poison Ivy, Ain’t No Way Around It, and the truly addictive Slip Of The Tongue. Overall, this collection of tracks has no weak link to carry in the same way the debut sounded so simply contagious and exciting. Never the weakest link of the L.A. scene this is a must have for those who like their rock music sleazy, addictive, clever, and purrr fect…


5.0 out of 5 stars
this album i had on tape, love it its so brilliant it will amaze you I’m in to faster pussycat in a big way tamie downe keep up the good work

5.0 out of 5 stars An excellent second album,
A more mature sounding record than their debut with songs concerning divorce (‘House of Pain’), murder (‘Cryin’ Shame’) and abortion (‘Pullin’ Weeds’) but their sleazy sound is still evident, especially in the opening track. A superb album which could probably have done without the inclusion of the ballad ‘Please Dear’ as a bonus track – Taime Downe voice just does not sound right for this song.

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