BAD COMPANY: Desolation Angels 1979 Gatefold LP. Platinum album! Paul Rodgers and ex members of Free, Mott the Hoople, King Crimson. Check audio


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BAD COMPANY: Desolation Angels [Gatefold LP] Paul Rodgers and ex members of Free, Mott the Hoople, King Crimson

After a much needed two year hiatus, Bad Company re-emerged with their strongest batch of songs since that impressive debut, including the electrifying Rock’n’Roll Fantasy”,

”Evil Wind”, and “Crazy Circles” all from Paul Rodgers chronicling life on tour; Burrell’s simple groove on “Gone, Gone, Gone”; and the mid-tempo rocker “Oh Atlanta” from Ralphs.


Bad Company Desolation Angels Platinum Award (Swan Song, 1979). The group’s third best-selling album and highest-charting album other than their eponymous debut album released nearly five years earlier. This award was presented to Commemorate the Sale of More Than 2,000,000 copies of the Swan Song Records Long-Playing Record Album Desolation Angels

Bad Company are an English hard rock supergroup founded in 1973, consisting of band members from Free (Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke), Mott the Hoople (Mick Ralphs), and King Crimson (Boz Burrell). Bad Company was managed by Peter Grant, who had also guided Led Zeppelin to massive success. The band enjoyed great success throughout the 1970s.

1979 album by the hard rock band Bad Company. It was their 5th studio release. Paul Rodgers revealed on In the Studio with Redbeard (which devoted an episode to Desolation Angels) that the album title came from the novel of the same name by Jack Kerouac.
Desolation Angels was recorded at Ridge Farm Studios in Surrey, England in late 1978.
It is considered the last strong album by Bad Company, mostly because it contains the last big hit by them, “”Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy,”” written by Paul Rodgers which its inspiration came from a guitar synthesizer riff that Rodgers came up with.
“”Gone, Gone, Gone””, written by bassist Boz Burrell, also received substantial airplay on rock stations. It was the first of only three songs he ever wrote for the band, but is widely revered as one of the band finest compositions.
The album reached #3 on the Billboard album charts in 1979 and went Platinum in 1979 and Double Platinum subsequently.
A cover version of “”Oh, Atlanta””, written by Mick Ralphs, was recorded by Alison Krauss and appears on her 1995 album Now That I’ve Found You: A Collection. The original version was used in the open to The Nashville Network 1993 broadcast of the Motorcraft 500 when ABC (which originally had the broadcast) could not find time to air the race, postponed six days by a snowstorm in the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Swan Song ‎– SSK 59408
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold
Country: UK
Released: 1979
Genre: Rock, Blues Rock, Arena Rock, Classic Rock

Track listing
Side one
“”Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy”” (Paul Rodgers) -“ 3:20
“”Crazy Circles”” (Paul Rodgers) – 3:32
“”Gone, Gone, Gone”” (Boz Burrell) – 3:50
“”Evil Wind”” (Paul Rodgers) – 4:22
“”Early in the Morning”” (Paul Rodgers) – 5:45

Side two
“”Lonely for Your Love”” (Mick Ralphs) – 3:26
“”Oh, Atlanta”” (Mick Ralphs) – 4:08
“”Take the Time”” (Mick Ralphs) – 4:14
“”Rhythm Machine”” (Simon Kirke/Boz Burrell) – 3:44
“”She Brings Me Love”” (Paul Rodgers) – 4:42

Paul Rodgers -“ vocals, guitar, piano, synthesisers
Mick Ralphs-“ guitar, keyboards
Simon Kirke -“ drums
Boz Burrell -“ bass

Bad Company Desolation Angels Billboard magazine, March 17, 1979

5.0 out of 5 stars Uptight Critics Weren’t Alone in Longing for New Directions,
“”Desolation Angels”” will probably never be mentioned in the list of rock albums in history that bridged the gap between strong hard rock and Southern flavors, and that a real shame since this record is one of Bad Company finest releases.
It not just because the set was propelled by the greatest, most addictive hit the group ever had, ‘Rock and Roll Fantasy,’ but because it showcases a hard rocking band in a straight, competent state of mind, obviously dying to move their trademark sound into different territories. Which explains the trips into the old West and rural country hills, imagery that appears on great tracks like ‘Evil Wind’ and, more evidently, ‘Oh Atlanta.’ Acoustic guitars have an important role, like in the melodic ‘Crazy Circles,’ but electricity is never forgotten, such as the worthwhile ‘Gone Gone Gone.’
Intriguingly titled, “”Desolation Angels”” is proof that the critics of the 70s were not the only ones who longed for a change in the FM hard rock format, and Bad Company would try their best to stay on this road on their next album, the unjustly ignored “”Rough Diamonds”” a long three years later.
5.0 out of 5 stars A Great Comeback,
DESOLATION ANGELS found Bad Co. playing around with their sound a bit. “”Rock & Roll Fantasy”” and “”Gone, Gone, Gone”” are standout rockers, straightforward yet adventurous, and “”Evil Wind””, “”Oh, Atlanta””, and a number of others are also excellent. This proved that the group could have remained strong in the 80s, if they had chosen to do so. It a shame the original four only did one more album after this one.
5.0 out of 5 stars VERY UNDER-RATED BAD COMPANY,
Not much here worth…? I beg to differ. The first half of this LP is good solid rock radio get with the beat tunes. “”ROCK ‘N’ ROLL FANTASY””, “”CRAZY CIRCLES””, “”GONE, GONE, GONE””, “”EVIL WIND””. If you can’t get your feet and hips moving to these songs, then you’re obviously dead. The second half of this LP is good solid rhythm & blues filler, if you want to call it that, although I choose not to call it filler. Mindful that Desolation Angels isn’t as consistently solid as either BAD CO. or STRAIGHT SHOOTER, it is a very good recording. Had this been released in 1977, it would have received rave reviews by comparison to RUN WITH THE PACK and BURNING SKY. Unfortunately by 1979, folks were starting to call bands like BAD COMPANY and LED ZEPPELIN dinosaurs. They were into THE CARS, THE RAMONES, and THE SEX PISTOLS. What were we thinking? Well, The Cars never ever did anything as good as Desolation Angels – PERIOD. I don’t even own any recordings from the aforementioned CARS, etc.
My recommendation is to give DESOLATION ANGELS a chance, especially now that new GOOD ROCK & ROLL music is so hard to find. BRING BACK THE DINOSAURS, WE MISS THEM, OR AT LEAST I DO.
5.0 out of 5 stars It a part, of my rock-n-roll shower,
Unbelievable album! I haven’t heard it in years (15+) yet I found myself replaying the songs in my head, singing the tunes in the shower, and now, finally, purchasing it on Only a truly great piece of work such as Desolation Angels can stick with me that clear, for that long. While “”Rock-n-Roll Fantasy”” is the most famous commercially (on this album),it is, in my humble opinion, by far, not the best of the album. This is a classic!
Here is where MICK RAPLHS and PAUL RODGERS’ new guitar sounds definitely shine on this album, but the synthesizer is probably, if not definitely, unnecessary. A mellotron would have sounded a whole lot better. Meanwhile, PAUL ROCK ‘N’ ROLL FANTASY that says is all is definitely an outstanding opener for the album. PAUL flangering (an excellent sound effect) guitar intro really gets his ROCK ‘N’ ROLL FANTASY off the ground, along with SIMON KIRKE drum playing, BOZ BURRELL bass guitar riffs, the organ, and the harmony vocals by the band. The next song CRAZY CIRCLES that features no electric guitars, except for the bass guitar, is an excellent acoustic ballad. BOZ GONE, GONE, GONE that features excellent rhythm and slide guitar and excellent harmony vocals is a great guitar rock song. EVIL WIND, on the other hand, is a excellent rock tune with the guitar riffs, and the tone of MICK lead guitar solo really shines on EARLY IN THE MORNING. LONELY FOR YOUR LOVE, despite PAUL voice on this song, is a good rhythm and blues song by MICK, but I like his next two songs better. I love how PAUL plays the harmonica and the piano on OH ATLANTA where MICK plays excellent rhythm guitar on a FENDER STRAT and lead guitar on a GIBSON LES PAUL STANDARD through a MARSHALL amplifier. MICK acoustical ballad TAKE THE TIME with his slide guitar and the band harmony vocals is excellent too. The next two songs with MICK and PAUL on guitar are excellent too. MICK plays excellent slide guitar on RHYTHM MACHINE, but I am now wondering if PAUL plays the lead guitar solo on this song too. I think SHE BRINGS ME LOVE would have sound a whole lot better if the rest of the band itself would have sung the harmony vocals instead of the female singers, but it strongly reminds me of their earlier song DON’T LET MY DOWN from their 1974 debut album.
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome,
Like Burning Sky and Running with the Pack, I had Desolation Angels when it was a new release. I just love Bad Company and being able to have them on LP is wonderful.
5.0 out of 5 stars a great album,
Desolation angels is one of the best albums from Bad Company along with their debut album and Run with the Pack.This album starts with one of the finest songs.The remaining songs are fine too.Highly recommended.
5.0 out of 5 stars not a bad song on here.,
After ‘burnin sky’ which was a weaker release the band charged back into the fray with this great LP. It has hits and well constructed songs. Some are more relaxed but this is a group at it peak of good songwriting. You can’t say that for the next one they put out. This one crossed over into many areas for the band too even my friends who only liked country were enjoying this one which is a rock LP all the way. But with songs about Atlanta and other songs that just cruise along the band proved it was a powerhouse of talent.
5.0 out of 5 stars Classic ’70s Rock,
This is my favorite Bad Company album, because it nostalgic, since Rock N Roll Fantasy was the first song I heard of by the group when I was a kid listening to America Top 40 with Casey Kasem. Only later did I discover their earlier work, and I think this album compares to their earlier work. Bad Company is one of the best classic rock acts, and Desolation Angels is a great album.
5.0 out of 5 stars A Blast from the Past,
I’m glad that I could find a seller with this title. Bad Company was a band that I loved as a teen and it brings back fond memories listening to them on LP. I had the cassette tape that wore out, so again I am happy to find this title on LP. The quality was first rate, no problems whatsoever

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