ETERNA: The Gate CD Brazilian original on Encore Records. Import [Amazing Christian metal band (from Brazil)] Check video


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Eterna are a Christian metal band (from Brazil). I feel that they might be one of the only Christian power metal bands that can truly compete with secular artists. They are actually doing quite well in the Euro market. Their sound is very polished and professional. Intricate guitar work and keys that compliment the sound. They have two vocalists which also adds to a great mix. They are able to be very progressive yet accessible at the same time. To compare them to someone I would have to say they are very close to the band Rhapsody! To even rate a Rhapsody comparison shows a TON of talent. Even live the band sound really good.

5.0 out of 5 stars Progressive rock with a Christian bent,
A truly virtuoso Brazilian heavy band with spiritual, Christian lyrics and lots of progressive ideas. The vocals might sound rather AOR like and insipid, but each song is certainly filled with intricate details, great breaks and solos.

Drummer Danilo Lopes. who also writes the intelligent lyrics, is definitely a world class player, up there with the best. Not just pounding away on the bass drums, but able to give each track some unique treatment. Guitarist Paulo Frade a technically prolific player and an innovative soloist. Douglas Codonho an elegant keyboardplayer. And when he steps out from time to time Jason Freitas shines on the bass. Really impressive musicianship all the way round.

Elegant, intelligent and intriguing.

1. “”Open the Gate”” [instrumental] (1:25)
2. “”Entrance”” (7:05)
3. “”Fly Away”” (5:49)
4. “”Forgive Me”” (5:57)
5. “”Fight”” (9:23)
6. “”The Winter”” (5:47)
7. “”Living Word”” (5:10)
8. “”The Gate”” (6:40)
9. “”Shine”” (5:34)
10. “”A Matter of Time”” (5:43)
11. “”Amazing Shepperd”” (5:04)
12. “”Sea of Lights”” (4:24)

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