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This Polish band comes out of nowhere and delivers a truly great album. The ten tracks on offer here are faultless, be it structurally or technically wise. Each of the four musicians displays a lot of talent -especially the drummer and the guitar player- and the whole band shows a huge amount of rage, passion and above all extreme tightness. There are similarities to CRYPTOPSY but D.L are better than the Canadians. The DARK LEGION songs are complex, full of unexpected breaks, truly bizarre twists and whirling riffs and the OK production helps them achieve the desired overall sound. Donât miss the opportunity to be exposed to this little gem

1. Intro / Adrenaline
2. Perpetual Fear
3. Show No Mercy
4. Sins of the Past
5. Endure the Pain
6. Vein
7. Razor
8. Haemorrhage
9. Anticipation of Death
10. The Dark Light

Dark Legion is a polish act dedicated to brutal death metal that makes me think of early Kataklysm minus the grind factor, or of a more accessible version of Yattering. That implies angular riffage and chaotic structures, but in the end the album is extremely interesting to listen to and delivers a high dose of brutality. The band is not even afraid to include a rather long jazzy break in one of the track that sounds whimsical in the overall sonic butchery context. Recommended for lovers of technical death metal.

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