ENCHANT: A Blueprint of the World CD. Prog masterpiece a la “keyboards” era of Rush. 1st press original 1993. Check audio samples


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Enchant A Blueprint Of The World
Label: Dream Circle Records DCD 9310
Format: CD
Country: Germany
Released: 1993
Genre: Rock, prog Rock

Track list
1 The Thirst 6:15
2 Catharsis 5:53
3 Oasis 8:12   Remix Steve Rothery
4 Acquaintance 6:31
5 Mae Dae 3:25
6 At Deaths Door 7:17
7 East Of Eden 5:49
8 Nighttime Sky 8:57
9 Enchanted 7:17    Remix Steve Rothery

Bass Ed Platt
Drums Paul Craddick
Guitar Douglas A. Ott
Keyboards Mike “Benignus” Geimer
Producer Douglas A. Ott (tracks: 3, 5, 6, 9), Paul A. Schmidt (tracks: 3, 5, 6, 9), Steve Rothery (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 7, 8)
Vocals Ted Leonard

Recorded @ Coast Recorders, San Francisco, USA and Parr Street Studios, Liverpool, England
Additional recording @ RO Studios, Concord CA, USA
Mastered @ Future Disc Systems

bar code 4 006759 877098
matrix DURECO /01/ ADR 017

J.G., Prognosis Magazine, May 1995
will be appreciated by fans of Saga, Rush, and post-Fish Marillion

Challenging and technically intriguing music played with muscle and authority is an apt description of this San Francisco area bands style. With apparent influences from bands such as Dream Theater, Rush, Kansas, Queensryche and Marillion-in fact Steve Rothery from Marillion produced many of the cuts on the album at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool England with the band-Enchant still generates its own distinct sound. Having played together for seven years, the members have a musical familiarity with one another which is very obvious upon hearing any of the cuts from this fine debut album.


5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best bands of the generation,
First I’d like to say that I’m 15 years old. I listen to Korn, Pantera and other metal bands. But I must say I bought this cd A Blueprint Of The World and its got to be the best thing I’ve heard in soo long. The Thirst and Oasis are my favorites. This bands music is played so well and mixed so beautifully with the vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass, and drums mixed in just right to get the full effect. The singers voice is awesome and the guitar is crisp. The drum beats are excellent. I really think this band has something really magical going on here and if they could here me I’m just saying for them to just keep on what their doing because its really an influence on me and from what I’ve heard a lot of other people too. I recommend this album to anyone who’s got an ear for music. The songs are beautifully put together and the lyrics are sensational. A lot of feeling went into their songs and its hard to find a band that does that anymore. Keep it up you guys!


5.0 out of 5 stars Progressive rock at its finest!,
I kinda waited a while to review this CD since I was spending so much time listening to it. This band has a talent level that in my opinion is no less that Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Rush and other great bands in the progressive rock genre.
Like all Enchant releases, the more you listen, the more you’ll appreciate what this band has to offer.


5.0 out of 5 stars yes-about enchant,
They simply are GREAT. Maybe the best progressive band of the new generation.The debut album is an masterpiece.


5.0 out of 5 stars Towering power prog.,
The quality of Enchants first release belies the fact that it is a debut. The band displays remarkably strong compositions, reams of confidence and energy, striking melodic awareness, and even solid production quality. Its interesting to note that Steve Rothery of Marillion produced half of the songs here. I’d say the bands most prominent influence is Rush (especially the intricate drums), but Enchant isn’t aping the prestigious Canadian trio. Unlike a lot of contemporary progressive groups, Enchant actually sounds very distinctive. Their vocalist Ted Leonard is unique and his voice is a wonderful thing, conveying aggressively catchy melodies (“The Thirst,” “Oasis,” “At Deaths Door”) or quieter but equally catching refrain (“Enchanted,” “Acquaintance,” “Open Eyes”). The musicians are capable of tremendous diversity — the beautiful acoustic-to-electric progression of “Acquaintance” to the exciting rhythms of “Oasis” — but the music never wavers in quality. “Nighttime Skies,” one of the records best songs, is a minimalist rocker that shows amazing melodic sense with a sensation of rising action and the emotionally charged guitar solos of Douglas Ott. The slow-building and beautiful instrumental “Mae Dae” is also worth mentioning. Great lyrics throughout, too. If there is any justice in this world, Enchant will get the attention they deserve someday. Until then, us privileged fans can enjoy their outstanding catalogue… which starts here, and hints at their future greatness.


5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding work!,
I was thoroughly impressed by this recording. Enchant is an outstanding progressive rock group! The vocals, musicianship, etc is extraordinary! If you like Rush, you will love Enchant!


5.0 out of 5 stars one word : masterpiece,
I’ll be very very objective : A Blueprint Of The World is one of those albums you’d take with you on a desert island. Although this was not my first introduction to Enchant, I quickly became addicted to this CD.
This record deserves a fair share of listennings. In more depth. You’ll discover Ted Leonards amazing vocals (similar to Steve Walsh), Benignus’ appropriate key parts, a wonderful ryhthm section with and underrated bass player Ed Platt. But beyond all of this great amount of talent, the guitar playing of Douglas A.Ott is worth BUYING the CD. Who could craft such melodies and licks like this ? Ott is in the continuation line of guitar wizards like Steve Rothery, Alex Lifeson and Brian May. Great mix of technique and melody and not so much shred.

The 90s saw the rising of Dream Theater, Pain Of Salvation, Spocks Beard but Enchant deserves much more exposure. If you’re looking for some mix between technique and melody (ok theres dream theater but forget them for a while) definitely go for it you won’t regret. Each time I recommended it people loved so why wouldn’t you like it ?


5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding.,
This album is a wonderful example of a band taking a number of recognizable influences, blending them together, and creating a sound that is unique and different. Although various musicians shine, the songs are never a vehicle for anyone to show off- all the tracks are excellent. Ted Leonards vocals are atmospheric, precise, emotional, wonderful. Doug Otts guitar work is, in a word, tasteful- althought he occasionally lets you know that he can rip, he distinguishes himself as a master of melodic, song-fitting, wonderfully phrased lines that you “play along with” in your mind every time you listen to them. Paul Craddick is an amazing time keeper. His intricate cymbal work is about as good as it gets. Keys are adeptly handled by Michael Geimer, and Ed Platts bass work, while not flashy, is always rock solid. IMHO, the bass and kick drums could have been mixed a little more up front on this record.

This album rocks pretty hard in places, but it is definitely not metal – WAY too nuanced. Some would apply the “progressive” label, but the masterful compositions never degenerate into masturbatory noodling. These guys really know how to build tension and mood into a song. Open the liner notes and the lyrics read as prose on their own, intelligent and introspective (i.e. the word “baby” does not appear in any song).

I have (and like) several other albums of theirs, but so far this one stands far above the rest. This might just be one of my “10 desert island” cds. I can recommend it without reservation.


5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME!!,
I really have nothing bad to say about this CD, which I have been increasingly loving since it 1st came out….
Was it Steve Rotherys production or incredible ear for good prog melodies?
Was it the bands composing and arrangements?
Was it Rushs influence?
Was it Ted Leonards amazing expressive voice?
Probably all of this and more!
And certainly all of this and more you will find in each and every song of this magical hour that goes by the name of A Blueprint OF The World.
If, like me, you grew up listening to Genesis and Marillion, and you enjoy magical inspiring moments, you will absolutely love this CD.
Everyone in the band has a great balance of technical skills, melody and lots of taste. I could not ask for more, when I was convincing myself that Dream Theater (when they did Images & Words) was the only band capable of that…. oh, and Marillion too, when they did Seasons End and Holidays In Eden.
Another huge point in Enchant is the fact that that they have their own personality, easily recognizable, largely because of the vocals, always expressive, of Ted Leonard.
I own all of their CDs, and I find this one to be the best.


5.0 out of 5 stars A hope to the future for all Rush fans,
These guys are great, their music is very influenced by Rush and Marillion. Specially the drum work of Paul, is very similar to Neil Peart (and it is not easy), and the bass rythm and many guitar solos are very “Rushian”,and the keyboard solos sound like many “Signals” songs.
This is the best Enchant album, with the great colaboration of Marillions Steve Rothery on produccion and guitar on two tracks.

I think that these guys will be the next kings of power progressive rock, of course, when Rush era finishes.


5.0 out of 5 stars PERFECT…,
If you like bands like rush, dream theter or marillion, you should check this… The debut album is PERFECT… my #1 in my collection… it is always in my cd player since i bought it… Their other albums are perfect too, but this ones the best…

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