DRIFT: Stalkin Like Killers CD [hardcore, Hatebreed, Earth Crisis Integrity cover guest vocalists] Check samples


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Those of you who loved the Drift songs from their split with Copykill should love their new material in this full length. The singer sounds pissed off as hell, so that tops it of and makes “”Stalkin’ Like Killer”” an intense metalcore album. “”Stalkin’ Like Killers”” is blessed with a good layout, heavy production and good songwriting. They perform a typical beatdown style hardcore but put in some more influences and groove. Check out the guest vocalists in this one: Pete (Settle The Score) and Che (Born From Pain) and the hidden Integrity cover. Top songs: “”Down To None””, “”Embraced By Hatred””, “”Enemy Grounds”” and “”Headcheck”” that even have some melodic guitar parts!

This is a late 90’s hardcore sound. Kind of a Hatebreed or Earth Crisis type style with a bit different vocals. I enjoy that era of music and when I heard this album I was not let down. There is an Integrity cover on the album so that kinda clues you in on what direction they are coming from.

Drift  “ Stalkin’ Like Killers
Label: Alveran Records   “ AR 028
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 2001
Genre: Hardcore
1 Downtonone
2 L-B-D-4
3 Turn The Curse
4 Embraced By Hatred
5 … In Recurrence
6 Stalkin’ Like Killers
7 Headcheck
Featuring  Bud Spenca
8a Enemy Grounds
Featuring Che Snelting
8b Die Hard
Written-By Integrity
Tracklist on backcover is wrong. Track 7 and 8 were switched. This is the right running order.

Track 8b is a hidden track and appear after a couple minutes silence.

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