DC4: Volume One 1 CD. Armored Saint members. Modern Hard Rock/ A.O.R / Rock album.! Check all songs (whole album)


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samples:  https://music.apple.com/us/album/volume-one/496026234

Genre: Rock
Label: Rising Sun
Playing time: 48:42
Band homepage: DC4

1. Playing house
2. Pound of flesh
3. Love or misery
4. .44
5. Naive bree
6. Eyes on you
7. Blind
8. Jack and Jill
9. Marianne
10. Freak show
11. 4196

Jeff Duncan Guitars, Lead Vocals
Hyland Church Guitars
Shawn Duncan Drums
Matt Duncan Bass, Backing Vocals

Joey Vera Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Jeff Duncan? Wait a second ARMORED SAINT? And Joey Vera has produced it? ARMORED SAINT? DC4 are a good bit different. Here you get Rock, with modern undertones, no Metal, grooving, the guitars always there, but quite distorted and also rhythmically it goes into a rather more modern direction.

Somehow I had read the name of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, lets say that more rocking version of them, crossed with heavier guitars may not be the worst description of what DC 4 (three times Duncan, one time Church = DC 4?) serve us here. But they do not make the mistake of souring their sound by trendy elements, like too many of their colleagues.

Speaking of sound, as usual with Joey Very it is great, powerful and fitting the music like a glove, that’s the way it is supposed to be!

A very good album of said sub-genre, for sure is among the better releases of this sound, fans should definitely check them out.

ProgPower Online review:
DC4 play groovy hard rock that sometimes borders on metal with a very modern edge. The music is guitar dominated and both guitarists deliver the goods. In fact the rhythm section is very strong and is complimented by Jeff Duncan’s solid mid-ranged vocals. There are some modern elements in both music and vocals thrown in, but don’t let that scare you away because this serves its purpose, giving the music an up-to-date and original sound. Knowing the previous work of Jeff Duncan and Joey Vera, I thought the music would be a lot harder than what is presented here, yet it isn’t. It is quite hard to label the band as the songs are rather varied in both sound and mood. From the extremely groovy “Playing House,” which is by far the best track on this album, to the funky styled “.44,” to the slow paced and beautiful melody of “Eyes On You” the variation can both be consider a strength as well as the weak link as you might feel that you never really know where they are going with their music. The musicianship is strong and if you are into hard rock/metal with a modern twist there should be a lot to appreciate on this album.

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