DAGORLAD: The End Of The Dark Ages CD Epic black Death Metal. CHECK audio


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DAGORLAD: The End Of The Dark Ages

Dagorlad hails from Belgium and brings dark gloomy epic music with black metal influences. The songs are very atmospheric and because of use of keyboards also very bombastic. Mythical dark horror metal is maybe the right description of what this band has created. They also incorporate some medieval sounds in their music to give it an even more atmospheric feeling. The hymn like songs are all of the same high level and thus creating a masterpiece of dark melodic metal
Playing time: 43:47
1. Intro
2. Zul’Dahr
3. The Revelation To Mallek
4. The Cauldron Of Death
5. The Bulls Of Itaros
6. Neflit
7. The Warriors
8. The March Of The Death
9. The Holy Battle
10. Epilogue

Second full length release by Belgium Metal band Dagorlad issued through LSP Company (The Last Shivering Planet Company) in 2002. Track listing is 1. Intro 03:13 2. Zul Dahr 05:11 3. The Revelation to Mallek 05:26 4. The Cauldron of Death 04:30 5. The Bulls of Itaros 04:25 6. Neflit, Demon from the Depths 05:49 7. The Warriors of the Ancient Battle of Zuljin 05:18 8. The March of the Dead 01:11 9. The Holy Battle of Vorneas 06:36 10. Epilogue 01:42


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