CRASHING ANGELS: Crashing Angels CD RARE, self produced limited run. Canada. Heavy Rock, Melodic Hard Rock, AOR. Check audio


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Crashing Angels – Crashing Angels
Category: Hard Rock
Label: Self-Released
Catalog Number: None

Neil Park Guitars, Vocals
MMO Guitars, Vocals
Dean Tesatura Vocals
Bert Boucher Drums
Kent Benson Bass
Mike Olekshy Producer

1. Runaway
2. Blue On Blue
3. Taste
4. Babys Bach
5. Rhythm Of My Heart
6. The Middle Of…
7. Baby Huey
8. Under The Moon
9. Fools Day
10. Columbian Currency
11. Swinger
12. The Way
13. In My Dreams

Crashing Angels: Self Titled CD 2001 NEW SEALED Self Released Canadian Indie Band
If you can get your ears around the track ‘Under the moon’… just do it. I won’t say worth the price alone (but very close). This track is stunning. Sort of like Goo Goo Dolls or Gin Blossoms with a killer riff and melodic hard rock edge. I absolutely love this
This band are related to fellow Canuck band 24 Unity. From Vancouver, this album came out as an Indie in 2001 and they have sound which is modern melodic rock with dashes of Dokken and Ratt. Not compulsory but if you see it lying around, have a listen.

Very talented quintet from Vancouver, Canada. Heavily tinged with early 90s hard rock influences, yet Crashing Angels can offer a couple of tracks such as the infectious ‘Runaway’, ‘Babys Bach’ and ‘Taste’, that wouldn’t be out of place on mainstream rock radio or even college radio. Actually, most of Crashing Angels debut borders very nicely on the line of hard-edged pop/rock and out ‘n’ out pulsating hard rock. You’ll find more than a pinch of Dokken, Ratt and fellow Canadians Krystal in ‘Rhythm Of My Heart’, ‘Fools Day’ and swinger’. On ‘Columbian Currency’ they dabble with straight-laced melodic rock and do a fine job. Guitarists Neil Park and the other) interestingly named (guitarist) mmo put in admirable performances, especially in the lead breaks which ooze that wonderful late 80s, early 90s hard rock energy. Vocalist Dean Tesatura has a voice that fits well with whatever direction the material is going. I hope that they will keep plugging away as they have a sound that will appeal to both the die-hard hard rock fans and fans of the current melodic pop/rock acts.

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