COLLEN COADIC: the next twelve CD. promo only. Ultra RARE, unreleased album!! 12 Great Rock / A.O.R. female singer AOR. Check audio


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(30 June 2002) The third album by Alaska’s Colleen Coadic (“”& the next twelve””) is a further 12-track collection of singer songwriter style compositions entitled Scream Of Consciousness.

Colleen Coadic & The Next Twelve – Colleen Coadic & The Next Twelve
Label: Not On Label – none
Format: CD, Album, Promo
Country: US
Released: 1999
Genre: Rock
1 Wonder Years 3:20
2 My Adoring Glance 3:27
3 Hypnotized 4:04
4 Saving Grace 3:27
5 Bad Dream 2:41
6 Baraka 3:01
7 Mediocrity 3:01
8 I’m Not Feeling Real 4:02
9 Scream Of Consciousness 5:53
10 Deep In The Pharmacy 3:56
11 Mother Me 3:38
12 Ripple 4:00
Vocals – Colleen Coadic
Promo only. No art.

Scream Of Consciousness includes contributions by Sean Cobb (bass), Kris Rosentrater (drums, percussion) and Bart Boggen (electric and classical guitar, banjitar). Guests included Stephnaie Rosentrater (additional vocals), Ian Cemeron (electric violin) and Dave Sampson. Colleen does the lead vocal work and is credited for acoustic guitar as well.

Musical Discoveries editors first discovered Colleen’s music when working on the Balligomingo project. One will immediately notice the improvement in vocal presence on the album. While the style remains clearly singer songwriter, the instrumental mix is sharper and clearer and new vocal harmonies are evident from the opening track “”Wonder Years”” and the serious rocker “”Saving Grace.”” Arrangements are thicker–with lots of guitar riffs–and more professionally produced as well.

And if Today had slight musings of Alison Moyet, this follow-up album draws more heavily on the influence with stretches into Yaz as well, certainly evident in “”My Adoring Glance”” and “”Hypnotized.”” The rocking texture coupled with the vocal and instrumental density of the album is a certain improvement. Rhymically moving numbers like “”Baraka”” and “”Deep in the Pharmacy”” and classic rockers like “”Medocrity”” and the gentler “”Ripple”” demonstrate the broad style of the album. Evocative ballads illustrate Colleen’s softer stile and include “”I’m Not Feeling Real,”” “”Mother Me”” and the stunning title track “”Scream Of Consciousness””–a must listen.


5.0 out of 5 stars
SCREAM is a tour-de-force through another wing of the mansion of Colleen Coadic’s ever-seeking mind. The overall sound is quite different from that of ToDaY, with continuity in the intimacy and scope of her powerful exploration of what it is to live, seek, and grow as a spiritual being in human form. SCREAM is a jewel of promise fulfilled. Colleen’s voice is transcendent–it flows through guileless folky melody, lusty purring funk-filled growl, and full-throated diva scream. The power and flexibility of Colleen’s unparalleled vocalizations are mixed front-and-center on this album. One cannot listen to SCREAM and escape the realization of having borne aural witness to one of the great voices of all time. Another unique aspect to SCREAM is the presence of Colleen’s band, The Next Twelve. I was pleased to discover that Colleen has found musicians equal to the task of playing on her elevated field. (Bassist Sean Cobb’s playing is so tight, and so deep in the pocket that I’d like to ask him what the lint looks like.) My only regret regarding this album is that it is a clear harbinger of the day when it will not be possible to see Colleen in a club setting–it’ll be the Fleet Center, or the Worcester Centrum soon! And I guess, as regrets go, that one’s not so bad. My recommendation? Buy this CD, and buy ToDaY. They’re fabulous!!! And then you’ll be able to say, “”Oh yeah. Colleen Coadic? I’ve been listening to her since her indie days.””


Well, I thought “”ToDaY”” was perfect, but enter “”Scream of Consciousness.”” Coadic topped herself with a heaping of lush musical landscapes and beautifully crafted poetry. I recommend this album highly. She just keeps getting better and better, and now she has a full band backing her up. It makes the songs sound incredible. WOW!!!!!!!!”

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