BLOODAXE: Raping the Ancient CD 2004 (No back cover). Pure extreme metal. Viking / Black Metal. Check audio


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BLOODAXE: Raping the Ancient
Bloodaxe is admired by fans mainly because it is pure extreme metal from start to finish and for the very cold ambience that contains in every song. The vocals are better and grimmer than before. The lyrics are about Raping, Killing, Vikings, etc. This album is VERY extreme. Prepare yourself for a total onslaught of Viking/Black Metal the likes of which have never been inflicted upon mortal ears. Tracks like Superior Winds, Threshold of The Unseen, Drifting of Ull (first single) and album stealer While You Lie Bleeding will make you believe Raping The Ancient is 2004 best kept secret. Nordavinden’s vocals are kept simple, straight forward and not overdone
No back cover.

All music and lyrics by Bloodaxe except “”Midvinterblod”” (Hardanger fiddle sample by unknown artist) sincere apologies to the Havamal.

Lien – Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Vocals
Rati – Drums

1 Midvinterblod 1:13
2 Haunting The Runes 2:21
3 Superior Winds 2:31
4 Threshold Of The Unseen 2:34
5 The Burning Season 1:54
6 As Creation Wept 2:25
7 Loki’s Fury 2:00
8 Drifting Of Ull 5:59
9 Thirteen Oar’s Of Misfortune 3:30
10 While You Lie Bleeding 7:14
11 Gammellandet 1:05

Recorded and mixed at Deathhammer Studio, Thunder Bay Ontario. Mastered by Scott Pinder at Polyphonic Mastering Labs in Winnipeg, Manitoba, May 2004.

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