BLACK STEEL: Destructor CD. Original Australian issue. Early 80’s Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Manowar. Check samples


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Band Black Steel
Album Destructor
Release date 2001
Label MGM Distribution
Genre: Heavy/Power Metal

1. Breaking the Chains (5:04)
2. Time Marches On (3:52)
3. Bonded by Steel (6:02)
4. Vengeance of the Damned (6:07)
5. Hells Gates (7:56)
6. Destructor (5:38)
7. Too Wild to Tame (5:02)
8. Forever (5:37)
9. Hail of Fire (5:06)
10. Rise Up (6:19)
Running time 46:03

Matt Williams – Vocals
Jamie Page – Guitar
Andrew Distefano – Guitar
Dave Harrison – Bass
Damien Petrilli – Drums


Did I get my ass kicked with this one, or what? I don’t know what the guys have been eating with their cereals but it sure did work. The band has successfully mixed influences from early 80s Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and even some Manowar and added their own personal, modern touch to create quite a powerful album with unbelievably catchy melodies. The one thing that grabbed my attention the most on the first listen was the vocal work, and just like the music, the vocal melodies will catch you and just won’t let go.
Most of the songs are mid to fast-tempo rockers, but there are a couple of “semi-ballads” to help you catch your breath. No matter the type of song, they’re all executed almost to perfection, and, as is obligatory with this genre of metal, you’ll find more than your share of wicked guitar solos… I had to stop listening to this album at work, since many people are not familiar with air guitars… ahem. 🙂

I must say again that I am very impressed with this first full-length from these Australian heavy metallers. Fans of heavy metal with power metal elements should definitely check this out. More than highly recommended. 🙂