AQUILA: Say Yeah CD. Original US 1st pressing, mint condition rare. A la Nelson. Terra Nova members. Check samples


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1. Say Yeah 3:05
2. Cecilia 3:40
3. Wide Open 3:46
4. Forgive Me 3:43
5. Young and Restless 3:01
6. Nothings Impossible Now 3:59
7. Everyday 3:43
8. Sometimes 3:44
9. I Share it With You 3:39
10. The Kids Wanna Rock 2:51
11. Busted 3:45
12. I Run 3:33
13. The End 3:27
14. Where Is the Sun 4:29

Total Running Time: 50:25

Fred Hendrix lead vocals, guitar
Ron Hendrix guitar
Eric Derix drums

I was sad when Terra Nova called it a day (Livin’ it Up is one of my favourite AOR discs). Guess what? They’re BAAAAAaaaaack! Aquila is basically “Terra Nova gone acoustic”. This 14-track CD is full of hooks and melodies. Even though the approach is more laid back than in the past, its a welcome departure. Good music to cruise to with the windows down, or kick back with a couple of brews in the evening.
The musicianship is solid, the performances tight, and the production/mix is quite good. The choruses work well and get you tapping along. The choice of instrumentation works well for all the tracks. If you enjoy acoustic AOR, then this is a must-have.
Rating: 87/100

I Really like this one, sounds like a modern version of Nelson.

The catchy riff-laden hooks and vocal styling you associated with Terra Nova are still there, but it has a modern pop varnish applied to it. There’s a certain Nelson acoustic/bubbly flavor throughout, in some cases they combine modern pop on top of their acoustic/organ style with flying colors!

one of their songs is available in a compilation CD. Buy the CD here on the Yperano mail order.

COMPLETE package. 2 Magazines & Rock On Music CD Ultra Rare compilation w. Exclusive songs: Mordicus, Boetz w. Lemmy (Motorhead)..

Sealed Rock On magazine & Rock On Music CD Ultra Rare compilation w. Exclusive songs: Mordicus, Boetz & Lemmy (Motorhead) etc.

Rock On Music CD. Ultra Rare compilation / exclusive songs by Mordicus, Boetz with Lemmy from Motorhead!

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