ROBIN BECK: Human Instinct CD 1992. Top A.O.R., top song writers. Check video and audio


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HUMAN INSTINCT    DSB Records 1992   Produced by Susan Hamilton  Recorded & Mixed by Sir Arthur Payson
01. Love Yourself A.Sky / D.Tyson
02. In My Heart to Stay S.Climie / R.Fisher / D.Morgan
03. Gonna Take a Lifetime R.Beck / J.Kent / T.Cox
04. Treat Me Like You Used To S.Shifrin / D.Cassidy / M.Spiro
05. Every Little Thing A.Sky / M.Spiro / M.Thompson
06. I Will Love You Now S.Hamilton / D.Buskin
07. If It Don’t Hurt, It Ain’t Love J.Cain / M.Spiro
08. Bad On Love R.Beck / V.Block
09. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore R.Beck / V.Block
10. Next Time I See Heaven R.Beck / G.Burtnick / V.Block
11. Will To Love B.Steinberg / T.Kelly / A.Wilson / N.Wilson (Heart cover) Billy Steinberg wrote this beautiful song and nobody wanted to sing it because the lyrics were “too negative” 🙂 .
12. Changing With The Years D.Black / S.Climie

Human Instinct, was released on the D.S.B. label in 1992 and featured once again the cream of the session world (Jeff Porcaro, Kim Bullard, Tim Pierce, Michael Landau, Lee Ritenour, Michael Thompson etc.) and songwriters (Mark Spiro, Jeff Kent, Journeys Jonathan Cain, Hearts Ann and Nancy Wilson, Sue Shifrin, Glen Burtnik etc.).

Tim Pierce, Michael Landau
Michael Thompson, Jeff Baxter,
Lee Ritenour
Jimmy Johnson, Neil Stubenhaus, Bob Glaub
Kim Bullard, Doug Katsaros
Jeff Porcaro, John Robinson, Pat Mastelotto
Tommy Morgan
Michael Fisher
Myriam Valle, Babi Floyd, Kipp Lennon, Mark Lennon, David Lasley, Patty Darcy, Michael Lennon, Arnold McCuller, Robin Beck

This the 2nd album by my favorite female singer of all time.I know that she hasn’t gained the metal queen status like Lita Ford, Doro Pesch or Lee Aaron have but… who cares right?. why do i like so much this lady? simply her voice(well she looks pretty good too if ya ask me!), a voice that delivers power and melody combined with a bit of a rough voice…i think she has somewhat of a magic formula inside her lungs that makes her that bit more
human instinct is less hard rock than its predecessor but its more aor and believe me that the quality delivered in here its just top class;one look at the top musicians displayed in here and that pretty much sums it all up. sound-wise,imagine the mark free album sung by robin and i think you’ll get a pretty good idea of what you’re missing.if you like me enjoy female fronted rock then this is something you shouldn’t miss for the world
A really good album that deserved much more attention than it got but by 1992 AOR was almost dead and it sunk like a rock. I think this is better than “Trouble or Nothin'” because its more “mature” and not filled with a lot of “we’ve heard ’em a million times before” AOR-standards. This a really good CD. I highly recommend it.
This ought to have been good, with about 400 session musicians involved (see above), and is good. Probably too many ballads, but still essential and worth a 9/10 from me.
Wonderful AOR!! 9/10.
More cooling down than the 1st..but still my fav. CD! ‘in my heart to stay’ is amazing…great sounds & fantastic vocals! even now a day this CD becomes a rare item, u should buy it, when u find it! highly recommended for exclusive AOR fans!
great and heartfelt AOR. Her voice on Changing with the years is simply astonishing…
Very good album by the wife of Mr James Christian..less rockier than her début one,kinda mellow but still rocks the house!..the songs..”Love Yourself” is a very good pop/rock track,”In My Heart To stay” reminded me of Starships Sara for the harmonica parts,nice song indeed,”Gonna Take A Lifetime” is a cool one,”Every Little Thing” is a nice AOR track,”I Will Love You Now” is a nice ballad,”Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” is my fave,great song,”Next Time I See Heaven” is just excellent and “Will To Love” is another great ballad…Robin Beck is one of the most charismatic female singers,a contemporary one…a lady in music!.88/100
Great AOR,the melodies catch you and take to another world(listen Will to love)what a guitar solo!,If It don´t Hurt awesome mid tempo song, close to Trouble or Nothing, almost all the songs are AOR masterpieces.

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