ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY: Constellation CD with 2 extra songs incl. a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover. Southern Heavy metal. CHECK whole album (audio)


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Killer Heavy metal, southern rock.

Alabama Thunderpussy’s CONSTELLATION combines the band’s raw, punk rock edge with a wealth of dynamics and twin guitar harmonies destined to stir even the most jaded musical souls. It delivers ATP’s distinct blend of punishing hard rock, driving rhythms and heartfelt, hard-edged vocals, the end result being metallic rock ‘n roll that contains both soul and balls. PLAY LOUD!!

RE-ISSUE of 3rd album on Relapse Records

Track listing
1. Crying Out Loud
2. Ambition
3. 1/4 Mile
4. Middle Finger Salute / 1271-3106
5. 6 Shooter
6. Second Wind
7. Obsari
8. Foul Play
9. Negligence
10. 15 Minute Drive
11. Burden
12. Keepsake
13. Country Song
14. All I Can Do Is Write About It   (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)” (featured only on Relapse Records reissue of Constellation in 2005)
15. Ambition – (live) (featured only on Relapse Records reissue of Constellation in 2005)
Thunderpussy: Johnny Throckmorton (vocals); Sam Krivanec (bass); Bryan Cox (drums); Erik Larson, Asechiah Bogdan.
Additional personnel includes: Nathan Brown (piano, organ); Ralf Burkhart (background vocals).

5.0 out of 5 stars one of ATP’s best
Man’s Ruin Records put this out and has sadly gone out of business making this disc harder and harder to find.
Buy this CD and “turn it up!” (thanks Ronnie). Okay, that being said…It’s difficult to classify this. It’s not Stoner, not Hardcore, not OTT (“Over The Top” for you non-Motorhead fans, and not Southern Rock. But combine all the above throwing in a couple of kegs of Miller beer for flavor and you’ve got Alabama Thunder Pussy sound. In your face bass and drums really anchor the sound. Surprisingly tasty melodies too boot! Thoroughly enjoyed this CD on the first listen and it keeps getting better with every listen!   Buy this CD!

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best ATP Albums in their catalogue to date.
I had a chance to meet some of the guys like Eric Larson and Bryan Cox and have a few shots and some beers. I First saw them open for COC and I have been hooked since the first riff.
This album is balls to the wall metal. I have trouble describing it because it is such a unique sound that gives way to their influences from Sabbath to Skynyrd. I have told my friends try to imagine what it would sound like if Black Sabbath had been born and raised in Alabama instead of Birmingham, England.
All I can say is buy this frigging album. If you are like me and are sick of all the cookbook rock out there then this will cure what ales ya. I believe Alabama Thunderspussy is 1 of the 2 most under rated metal bands in the world.

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