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Abletobes project takes life in Modena in 2002 with the intention of merge many kind of sounds trying to unify whats best from the modern underground music …starting from a simple drum/bass/guitar powertrio, evolving in a massive use of electro resources, incorporating, restructuring.. An alternation of violence,sadness,hope and freedom,that takes the listener up and down as an uncontrollable emotional stream.

Be able to – Sintoma (new CD) Label: Format Pid: CD Release Date: May 18, 2009 No. Discs: 1 EAN: 8033622530510

Album Tracks 1. A place to live 2. Fawu 3. Just one Word 4. A spiral 5. Body a soul 6. Recovery from a rubber head 7. The dirt 8. ITER-9. See 10 with my eyes. Krop 11. The deepest area 12. Restless 13. Disinfection


This is a group to listen carefully and to watch for the future. Yes, why not Be Able To come to Los Angeles like Tool or A Perfect Circle, but from our local Modena. Active since 2002, is a trio that has evolved over the years by absorbing the influences of the groups mentioned before and something of Porcupine Tree.

Symptom is a concept composed of 13 tracks painfully distressing that we can find metal guitars loud and soft electronic melodies scattered throughout the disc. The comparison with Tool is very heavy, but after listening to the album can not come to mind or 10,000 Days Lateralus.

The guitar riffs are less swirling, heavy but well-disposed towards a catchy melody, take as an example of the first songs with A Place to Live and Just One Word. The singers voice is softer and less angry, compared to a background wall of sound that strikes with considerable confusion about the songs. The low-battery terminal rhythmic grind perfect time, leaving the guitar riffs of the task to weave through his harmonious strings.

Within the songs, the tempo shifts alternating between calmness and wildness of expression, assembled by soft electronic sampling to make it better atmosphere, as in the Body of a Soul. Filth In The Background and witness the division of a song in two parts, the battery shows off her best dress, but here we begin to experience but also the redundancy of the melodies.

Some electronic instrumental tracks are added to contribute to the severe climate of the veil of anxiety that runs through the first studio of Able To Be. In conclusion, we leave our children to work quietly to improve the technical skills rather than discrete and mature in a few years giving us something even more surprising. This meanwhile we promote it with flying colors, we only increased aggressiveness and sophistication to the next round. Excellent.

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