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shocking pink bubbles”” at
Very mysterious
I liked this a lot. The fuzz bass was awesome, and so were the vocals. Nice haunting guitar work. I would have liked to have heard some keyboards and maybe some reverb on the vocals, but that’s just me, other than that, this was really good!
[Phaedrus0011] – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Intervention time.
The song is definitely different. I am disturbed by the vocals though. When I hear the vocals, I get an image of a freaked out teenage girl hiding in an alley strung out on a variety of barbituates, opiates and anti-pychotic medications that have long since passed the expiration date.
[bassman619] – La Mesa, California

Good mood
Vocals need to be louder.(theres a lot of good stuff going on in there) Like the discordant guitar, bassis solid. Don’t know who you sound like – 80’s alternative, I guess Time changes could be a little tighter
Extra Credit: Mood
[Bansheeflowers] – Acomb, York, North Yorkshire, UK

I love the subtle vocals, nice and breathy. Bass has a great tone to it too. Way to pull off the time changes. Great song, its great to hear something of this caliber in this sea of crap out here.
[tbreadons] – Detroit, Michigan

Sober take-no-shit attitude!
Very-very good song!i Looooovvvveeee the vocalists voice.ROCK ON!
Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Drums, Lyrics, Mood – Special Award: Best Potential Movie Soundtrack
[one_wave] – San Diego, California “

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