A Tribute to ACCEPT Vol. I CD digipak 1999. Check audio. Tankard, Atrocity, Grave Digger, Sodom, HammerFall, Primal Fear, Pegazus, Steel Prophet, Metalium, Therion etc.


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Format: CD
Release Year: 1999
Record Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash

Track Listing
1. Balls to the Wall – Sinner
2. Head over Heels – Hammerfall (featuring Udo Dirkschneider)
3. Son of a Bitch – Tankard
4. Fast as a Shark – Steel Prophet
5. I’m a Rebel – Sodom
6. Breaker – Primal Fear
7. Shake Your Head – Atrocity
8. Flash Rockin’ Man – Axxis
9. Starlight – Grave Digger
10. Monster Man – Seven Witches
11. King, The – Therion
12. Generation Clash – Tarot
13. Burning – Metalium
14. Restless and Wild – Pegazus
15. Run If You Can – Watchtower
16. London Leatherboys – Rykers
17. China Lady – New Eden
18. Fight It Back – Sacred Steel
19. Metal Heart – Dimmu Borgir

Playing Time: 79 min.

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Performers include: Tankard, Atrocity, Grave Digger, Sodom, HammerFall, Primal Fear, Pegazus, Steel Prophet, Metalium, Therion.
A Tribute to Accept features a stylistically varied cache of late-’90s metal bands covering Accepts straight-ahead, AC/DC-meets-British metal sound. While that can sometimes mean that the different approaches, it also makes for some intriguing re-imaginings. Some of the bigger names present include Therion, Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, Atrocity, and Sodom

5.0 out of 5 stars Good tribute album! (4.6 stars),
Nuclear Blast Records managed to get lots of well-known good bands for this tribute to the best rock band ever. One of the best is Steel Prophets rendition of “Fast As A Shark”, which features the “heidi heido heida” intro played on electric guitar & also ends with the intro to “Restless & Wild”. Dimmu Borgirs rendition of “Metal Heart” is awesome also, its like the original version except it has a different (very good) guitar solo. Primal Fear does an awesome rendition of Breaker also (Ralf Scheepers is one of the few vocalists whos nearly as good as Udo). Sinners entry is also good, it doesn’t add much to the song, but its played good & the singer is great. There are a few weak ones (most notably Atrocitys rendition of “Shake Your Heads” which replaces Accepts melodies with one simple riff played repeatedly throughout the entire songs, as well as some needless synth playing, and Sacred Steels rendition of “Fight It Back” which is pretty much an exact copy of the original done in horrible thin guitar tones & ridiculous squeaky vocals) but they’re outweighed by the good renditions. I’d recommend buying it.

4.0 out of 5 stars Very good tribute,
This is great stuff. I’d give it 5 stars but I usually reserve them for all-time classic albums. Since this is not really original music I gotta go one star less. This is the second best tribute set; second only to Century Medias Priest Tribute. Anyway, a great tribute to a great band. Scads of great covers, a few duds, and the highlight – which was a shocker to me was Sodom’s cover of “I’m A Rebel”. I can’t stop playing this tune. Its lead me to a whole new obsession with Sodom and Onkel Toms solo stuff. Back to the review at hand. Its great, if you’re an Accept fan get it. The second CD in this series is good. Not as good as this one but pretty much required. And if you’re a fan of some of the bands that appear here go ahead and get it. You might end up getting hooked on Accept!