36D: Endomorphic Joy CD. 1996. Check audio. Limited to 1000 copies. Small Stone Records.


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Check audio: https://smallstone.bandcamp.com/track/perpetual-sex

Recorded in early 1991.

Additional personnel: Barry Henssler, Phil Durr.

Label: Small Stone   Limited 1000 Unit Pressing.

Orig Year: 1996

Personnel Dan Ross – guitar
Ed Alterman – drums
Mark Dancey – bass
Robert Eastway – vocals

Also: Phil Durr, Barry Henssler

Format: CD
Release Date: 17 Dec 2003

Album Tracks:
1. Perpetlial Sex (3:31)
2. Horse(3:13)
3. Egypt Valley(4:02)
4. Maybe I Was(3:03)
5. Sled(5:55)   Recorded, Mixed, And Mastered By Al Sutton @ White Room – Detroit, Mi.
Art by Mark Dancey.

36D ( which stands for “36D”) is the long-lost result of a loud union among some of Detroit’s strongest bands. Recorded in the early months of 1991 and promptly held hostage in a messy divorce settlement, this lascivious power fest joined Ed Alterman of Slot, Big Chiefs Mark Dancey, Barry Henssler, and Phil Durr with Robert Eastway and Dan Ross of early 80s harder-than-hardcore outfit, Born Without A Face. The suite of song here are evocative of hometown lust and loss, but “sensitive they’re not – they’re every bit as guitar-heavy and groove-intensive as good body-moving music should be.


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