2OON: That song You’re singing CD Bulldog! London UK rock band.


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rare 2001 CD Great UK Rock band!

1. That song You’re singing

2. These are the days

3. Long hot sunny day

There are some great bands working the London circuit these days, and despite the current deluge of Pop Princesses and Karaoke Kings it is still possible to find hardworking musicians with the necessary skills to write and perform Great British Music.

One such is Bulldog.

Phil Yapp (vox/guitars) whose lyrics draw down on anything from growing pains to Internet technology leads the song writing. The bulldog catalogue is built from songs both original and pastiche, alarming and funny.

Phil’s musical collaboration with Andy Biggs (vox/lead guitar) dates back over twenty-five years since they were pals in school. Both have a wealth of live and recording experience but it was only in 1999 that they actually teamed up to perform together as Bulldog (Originally 2oon – they realised it was a bad name!) Live performances and song writing have kept the boys busy ever since and they have endured the hard knocks of the London music scene with determination and most importantly Great Songs.

Andy’s lead guitar can be both subtle and overt depending on the mood of the
song. He is a true technician of his favoured instrument and plays with accuracy and flare that sets him apart from the average axe. Whether it be Gibson, Fender or custom build, Andy’s guitars bleed energy into every track.

Jamie Nind (keyboards/backing vox) brings a bright texture to the otherwise guitar driven melodies of Bulldog adding intricacy to the arrangements with tricky bass runs and wickedly clever chromatic work on the keys. Jamie’s backing vocals are almost like a whisper in the mix and sit hauntingly behind the Powerful ‘bowiesque’ lead vocal of Phil Yapp.

Phil doesn’t just sing these songs – he sells them with passionate persuasion and a stage presence that draws his audience into the act. Phil performs.

There is a fun side to all the hard work and in the video for Long Hot
Sunny Day you will see and hear upbeat, radio-friendly edginess that puts Bulldog
at the top of their chosen genre. The debut CD, ‘That Song Your Singing’ was
a great start on the road to commercial success for these guys, very positive reviews from the journals

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