10 EYES: Capital of Irregulation CDR ultra rare 1998 promo. Check audio samples. Top German Melodic Metal. Judas Priest, Riot, Fifth Angel, Leatherwolf


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Great Classic Melodic METAL

Amazingly strong debut from this German combo. Starting as something that may be categorized as mild power metal with bewitching atmosphere, later it slides into a unique almagamation of various styles and genres (only those within the bounds of metal, though), thus appearing as in incredibly hard-to-describe effort. More than just enjoyable, anyway. Astounding is the word, I believe. The musical canvas is comprised of well crafted arrangements and nearly perfect musicianship, contriving to get highly exciting impressive and even innovative stuff on the outcome; while vocal department shows us genuine skill and talent, turning from exellent “clean” voice to doom metal-alike “mild” growling…This is, no doubts, an outstanding band, therefore get your hands on this piece NOW!!!
Rating: 6 of 6

“… The term” demo “did not really deserve this work, because the production and sound are definitely top class” 
Rating: 9 of 10

Excellent, Compelling, Strong, Powerful Heavy Metal with Exceptional Great Vocals. Ace Music From The Band In General.
Rating: 9 of 10

Wow, what a great empowering, bewitching, strong voice on this lead singer, and great, perfect, dynamic, powerful, compelling, strong, energetic, music to match. On this ace, heavy, metal track. Can we hear more from you guys soon?…
Rating: 9 of 10


Words & Magic
Inner Circles
Down Under

Voice – Andreas Ilgmeier
Guitars – Torsten Hornig
Bass – Stephan Maucher
Keys – Stephan Amrein
Drums – Stefan Neser



a.k.a. Ten Eyes
Country Germany
Formed 1998
Genres Power Metal
Labels Independent

Line-up (members)

  • Torsten Hörnig : Guitars

Former members

  • Heiko Theurer : Bass
  • Sebastian Holler : Bass
  • Stephan Maucher : Bass
  • Andreas Vogel : Drums
  • Stefan Neser : Drums
  • Stephan Amrein : Keyboards
  • Andreas Ilgmeier : Vocals
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