WRATHCHILD: Delirium LP 1989 Gatefold sleeve. Great Glam Hard Rock. Check audio


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Delirium is an album by Wrathchild, released in 1989. Out-of-print and hard to find Wrathchild release.

Label: FM-Revolver Records Ltd. ‎– WKFM LP 137
Format: Vinyl, LP, gatefold
Country: Germany
Released: 1989
Genre: Glam Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
A1 Delirium
A2 Watch Me Shake It
A3 That’s What U Get (When U Fall In Love)
A4 My Girlz
A5 Long Way 2 Go
A6 Good Girlz
A7 Do What U Wanna
B1 Kid Pusher
B2 She’s High On Luv
B3 Rokk Me Over
B4 Only 4 The Fun
B5 Drive Me Krazy

Bass – Marc Angel
Drums – Eddie Star
Guitar – Lance Rokkit*
Producer, Engineer – Tim Lewis
Vocals – Rocky Shades
Written-By – Wrathchild Uk*

Made in West-Germany
Distributed by BMG Records

Gatefold cover sleeve
Direct Metal Mastering


Rocky Shades – vocals
Lance Rocket – guitar
Marc Angel – bass
Eddie Starr – drums

Released 1989
Genre Glam metal
Label FM Revolver Records

Out-of-print and hard to find Wrathchild release.

This is album is excellent. The debut was on fire,but then I heard DELIRIUM and all fears were quashed. This album was definitely Wrathchild trying hard to carve a niche in the American Glam scene, and could’ve succeeded with a bigger push. This album smokes its competition, however. Yes, you hear Poison, Pretty Boy Floyd, and a little Motley Crue or Van Halen, but the songs are so much funnier and better sounding to me than a lot of those bands. And I love those bands! Yes, it is still very British sounding (think Mott The Hoople meets Motley Crue), but definitely accessible. Favorite song? There are many but I really like “Rokk Me Over” and “Do Whacha Want”. Classic!

Kid Pusher is a great song and the lyrics really stand out of the general level on the album. A little feeling of AC/DC´s Hell´s Bells in the guitar intro, eh?

Watch me shake me is a hot song, and the album is good.
The most American sounding album Wrathchild produced! Shes high on luv was a song that could so easily have been on the first Enuff Z’Nuff. Rocky had finally refined his vocals & didn’t sound so ‘British’,a great improvement! Brilliant album,just a shame it was their last!


Wrathchild (sometimes known as Wrathchild UK in the United States due to a naming conflict with Wrathchild America) were an English heavy metal band. Formed in 1980, the group was an early band of the glam metal genre, starting off about the same time as bands of the genre such as Mötley Crüe. They are indeed the “Godfathers” of the glam/sleaze metal movement back in the early 80s.
In their home country, the bands speciality was in its D.I.Y. aesthetic (common for many NWOBHM bands), over the top stage shows, and striking image. During their early days, they would often play in pubs but still used confetti, pyrotechnics, and dressed in full glam metal gear, including their trademark platform boots and huge, teased hair.
Wrathchild was formed in 1980 in Evesham, England by Marc Angel and Phil “Wrathchild” Vokins. They recruited Rocky Shades for lead vocals, and Brian “Thunderburst” Parry on drums. Phil Vokins left in 1981 to join Bill Ward (Black Sabbath)in America with a new band Max Havoc and Brian Parry left and returned to his hometown of Chester.
The band soon added two members from the band Medusa; guitarist Lance Rocket and drummer Eddie Star who became mainstays in the band and completed the much recognised over the top lineup for a decade of touring and recording.
After releasing a string of demos, such as Mascara Massacre in 1982, the band was offered a record deal by Bullet Records. On this label the group put out their first official release in 1983, an EP called Stackheel Strutt.
In 1984, the band recorded and released their debut studio album, Stakk Attakk. It would spawn two singles; a cover version of the Gary Glitter classic “Doing Alright with the Boys” and “Trash Queen”.
Unfortunately, just as Wrathchild was garnering success, they came embroiled in contractual problems with their label, Heavy Metal Records. RCA Records, a major label, unsuccessfully attempted to sign the band from Heavy Metal Records in an effort to free them from their contract. Meanwhile, the group released a video War Machine in 1984.
After finally settling the dispute with Heavy Metal Records nearly four years later, the band released their second album, The Biz Suxx, in 1988. The album spawned a single, Nukklear Rokket, which had a promotional video that was produced by Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. Bruce plays the protester in the video whilst the performance was filmed in the car park at his home in Chiswick. Ron Kennedy directed and edited the video as well as appearing as the mad professor. Steve Prior was the cameraman.
The bands third and final studio album, Delirium, was released shortly after in 1989. It featured Grim Reapers Steve Grimmet on backing vocals. Soon after the release Rocky Shades left to join the punk band Discharge and with the onset of grunge, Wrathchild broke up.

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