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Melodic Death Metal

Algerian society, tales of North African history

Algeria (Algiers) 1999 Independent Active

Salim – Vocals
Samir K. – Guitars
Reda – Guitars
Mus El Kamal – Guitars, Keyboards, Samples (Arkan)
Samir Remila – Bass (Arkan)
Rachid – Drums

The name “Worth” means “heritage” in Algerian; it also means “A quality that commands esteem or respect; merit; the quality that renders something desirable, useful, or valuable” in English.
In fall of 2002 Worth made an appearance on the French/German TV ARTEs “Tracks” program which made a report on the Algerian metal scene.

Demo, Independent
March 2004

1. Wrath of Gaia
2. Trapped between Past and Future
3. The Way of Dead Live
Total playing time 19:04

Originating from Algiers, capital of Algeria, WORTH is a metal band that plays melodic Heavy death/thrash metal. The name “Worth” which means in Algerian: “heritage” also means in English: “A quality that commands esteem or respect; merit; the quality that renders something desirable, useful, or valuable”. The band started as a trio in 1998 formed by guitar player Reda, bass player Samir R. and drummer Rachid. The three had been friends since high school. At the beginning, the band was strongly influenced by classic heavy thrash bands such as Iron maiden, Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer, and played covers. December ’98, Salim joined the band as lead singer and in January 1999, a second guitar player was recruited, Samir K. who was then playing in a heavy metal band called Middle Ages. He continued playing in both bands until March ’99, when he decided to focus on worth exclusively. From there on, the band started working on original tunes which were very inspired by the N.W.O.B.H.M and the German power metal scene, including some thrash riffs here and there plus high pitched vocals. The band decided to push further the experience in order to fit the large panel of influences gathered by each band member. Therefore, they decided to mix their heavy metal roots with death metal blast beats, catchy thrash riffs and some black metal atmospheres. The vocals also had a change since Salim performs a mix of clean melancholic vocals that switches to high-pitched heavy screams and death metal growls. Those new elements brought variety and gave a personality to the band. This appears also in the lyrics, which expresses the ideals and philosophy of the members since they are about the Algerian society, especially its youth. Adding tales of the North African history and todays human condition. Worth is not a political or religious band because they reject all kind of oppression and mass control. By 2000/2001, Worth made several gigs playing in rock festivals, university concerts and underground metal shows. By the year 2002,the band gathered enough material for two albums and begun headlining shows especially one with fellows’ thrashers, AZARIASS. This concert was sold out and was the biggest metal show in Algiers. Later the same year, Worth reached position n°1 in the Algerian rock charts with a live recording. The band wanted to develop further their sound, and experimentations, so they recruited a sixth member, Mus from Azariass who plays Both lead guitar and keyboards. The band continued its evolution but stayed tight to its original roots. Fall of ’02 Worth made an apparition on the French / German TV ARTEs “Trax” program which made a report on the Algerian metal scene. In 2003, the band continued making headline shows, got some good critics in the Algerian press and by the end of the year 2003, the band gathered enough money to enter a studio and record a real demo which is very expensive if you have no producer. Since there are no competent managers and labels, Worth has always kept an underground attitude, never compromising, and never played commercial music to attract local managers. They entered the Union studio in September 2003 and recorded three tracks. Three tracks after five years of existence may seem short, but when you know the Algerian society where most of the people listen to traditional music or hip hop and r n’ b, making metal and try record it is something out of mind, people look at you as a freak and your are not taken seriously. After recording this demo, worth kept working on new tracks and the three originators of the band went to pursue their studies in France from where they are trying to find labels that would give Worth a chance to continue outside the Algerian boarders….

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