WINDS: Reflections of the I CD (THE end Records – 16 songs). For fans of Opeth. Amazing!


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Winds creates a seamless and most inspiring mix of classically oriented metal fronted with clean vocals, dark progressive guitars, philharmonics, classical piano and floating synths. The intricate arrangements, all written so they flow with the concept in mind, deliver spirals of dazzling melodies filled with magnificent atmospheres, offering a sublime elegance that makes their music a truly superb sonic journey!

Label: The end  ‎– TE025
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 19 Aug 2002
Genre: Prog Rock, Heavy Metal
1 Clarity 2:15
2 Realization 4:53
3 Of Divine Nature 4:37
4 Transition 1:16
5 Passion’s Quest 4:51
6 Reason’s Desire 5:11
7 Premonition 1:59
8 Remnants Of Beauty 5:37
9 Existence 3:48
10 Continuance 3:26
11 Predominance 0:45

12 Inception Perspective 1:29
13 In All Reflections 4:22
14 Bloodstained And Sworn 5:49
15 Mirrored In Time 5:00
16 An Eternity Of Dreams 4:51

Drums – Jan Axel Von Blomberg
Guitar – Carl August Tidemann
Keyboards – Andy Winter
Vocals, Bass – Lars Eric Si

Duration 01:00:25

Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Neo-Classical Metal, Progressive Metal

5.0 out of 5 stars WINDS…the most soothing metal out there.,
I can still listen to it over and over again without getting tired of it. The orchestra and the guitars combined with one of the most soothing voices in metal (besides Opeth) has got to be the greatest combination EVER! I’ve read a lot about how some people think that they have too many guitar solos…and I have to say…”quit being so jealous, put on the headphones and enjoy the greatest guitars on this earth!” THEY NEVER PLAY THEIR GUITAR TOO MUCH, EVER. It is all perfectly harmonized to create the soothing sounds of the orchestra and the insane guitar, and still not over do it. These guys are pure talent…no questions asked…no ifs, ands, or buts about it. They are not trying to create a “I’m alone and no one is out there,” thing, they are just merely attempting something that hasn’t been done before. AND THEY WERE SUCCESSFUL!!

The vocalist…he has the best voice I have ever heard. He can sing, and I will say it one more time for emphasis…HE CAN SING. Contrary to what “Sergio Morales” thinks this is the FARTHEST thing away from an emo-hardcore voice. Because, first of all, I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE EMO WITH A PASSION, and second, hardcore/metalcore just happens to be my favorite type of metal. So I believe I would know what that sounds like. If you are a fan of Opeth then you will LOVE the way he sings and you will ultimately fall in love with every waking moment on the CD. My advice is not to listen to “Sergio Morales,” and discover what true talent Winds possesses.

5.0 out of 5 stars The last person who reviewed this obviously doesn’t know anything,
i hope the review Sergio Morales didn’t turn off a person from buying this marvellous record.its so funny really,,when he says that this album has flat guitar work,please..and then he goes by the really laughable comment of”they don’t even play the symphonic instruments! how do they tour??”, i’m assuming he thinks every band must tour and or hasn’t heard of synths,,,and the fact that one can arrange music for instruments you don’t play doesn’t pass through this ignorant’s mind.

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