WIND WRAITH: The Fortune Tellers Gaze CD. A true Heavy Metal masterpiece. First press original! Check audio


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NY`s Metal machine was in formed in August of 2000 by guitarist Patrick Blair with one overriding objective; bring True Metal back to the masses! Aiding him in this noble quest are Diana Dellasala on rhythm guitar, Brian Fingerhut on lead guitar, bassist Brian Hobbie, drummer Rob Maresca and Scott Olivia vocals. “The Fortune Teller?s Gaze” is was originally released [to rave reviews] in late `01, creating the Metal masterpiece they had intended. This is an original copy!! From the Bluesy riffing of the title track, the NWOBHM-feel of “Watching Over Me” to the `80s` Bay Area Thrasher “Millennium Horror”, the Manowar-like “Wind Wraith” and “High Hopes: The Amityville Murders” [which deals with the actual murders, not the fraudulent ghost story concocted around this tragic event], this CD is a tribute to the days of Metal`s past and present. But is Wind Wraith little more than a glorified tribute act? Far from it! The band are merely wearing their influences proudly on their sleeves, but at the same time giving the tunes their own personal stamp. That the 6 musicians are all top class players who love what they do doesn’t hurt either! Many peoples favoured song is the epic “Ancient Tales”, but the whole album is a winner from start to finish.

Label: Wind Wraith Records
Format: CD, Album with an 8 page booklet. Disc and booklet in MINT CONDITION
Country: US
Released 2001
Genre: Power Metal

Full-length, Wind Wraith Records 2001
1. War in the Sun 05:03
2. The Fortune Tellers Gaze 03:04
3. Dragon Riders 04:03
4. Watching Over Me 05:16
5. Millennium Horror 05:06
6. Wind Wraith 03:29
7. Shameless Desires 03:34
8. High Hopes: The Amityville Murders 04:10
9. Tempted By Death 04:32
10. Ancient Tales 07:48    OR
Total playing time 46:05

Recommended if You Like: Heavy Load, Manowar, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest,Virgin Steele
Patrick Blair – Rhythm Guitar
George Niesuchouski – Drums
Brian Fingerhut – Lead Guitar
Diana Dellasala – Rhythm Guitar
Steve Ronsen – Vocals

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