TWILIGHT OPHERA: Midnight Horror CD. Modern Classical Melodic Black Metal. s


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Finish black Metal band in Cacophonous records. Great recording! Crystal clear sound and combination of aggressiveness with some melody

Record Label: Cacophonous
Release Year: 1999
EAN: 5017687513520

Track listing
1. Pandemonium Bizarre
2. Burning Velvet Palanquin
3. Passions Deviltry
4. Chaos And The Conquest
5. Night Beholds The Supreme Clandestine
6. Black Fire In The Chasm Of Rapture
7. Devastation Of Empyrean (Before The Dawn)
8. Engrosed By Carnal Lust
9. Midnightmare

For the most part, the death metal/black metal field is not known for its intricacy. Death metal and black metal bands usually pride themselves on how harsh and mercilessly bombastic they can be, and pure, raw exhilaration is their only real concern. But there are exceptions to that rule; one of them is Twilight Ophera. The Finnish band specializes in a style known as symphonic black metal, which has sought to broaden black metals horizons by paying more attention to melody. Twilight Ophera is forceful and aggressive; sledgehammer brutality is an important part of what they do, but so are nuance and intricacy.

And instead of only having death metal and black metal bands as influences, Ophera also gets some inspiration from power metal, progressive rock, and goth rock. While Slayer and British black metal torturers Cradle of Filth are influences, the ambitious Finns also show a strong awareness of Canadian prog rockers Rush and ’80s power metal favorites such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Queensrÿche, and King Diamond. Some of Opheras riffs and melodies, in fact, would not have been out of place on Queensrÿches 1987 epic, Operation: Mindcrime. In Opheras world, craftsmanship and bombast go together.
Näykki has also been a member of the bands Gandalf, Korpiklaani, and Soulgrind, while the other groups on Ojalas resumé have included Gloomy Grim, Silentium, Dehydrated, and Funeral (not to be confused with Dark Funeral). Kaipainen, meanwhile, has been a part of Ensiferum and Soulstream, and Heikkinen has been with at least six other bands: Gloomy Grim, Walhalla, Fire Trance 666, Saha, Soulgrind, and Tenebre.
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Perhaps my fave ever Death/Black Metal album alongside Spiritual Black Dimensions by Dimmu Borgir & the 1st 2 albums by C.O.B. This music is so tuneful and so evil & vampire like (complete with Church Organ & choir throughout). The growelly singing is wonderfully deep & great too.

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