WHITE COWBELL OKLAHOMA: Cencerro Blanco CD PROMO. Kiss, ZZ TOP, Kid Rock, DOC HOLLIDAY. Check videos + all samples


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White Cowbell Oklahoma Cencerro Blanco
Label: Slick Monkey SM-003
Format: CD, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 2005
Genre: Hard Rock, Rock & Roll, Southern Rock

1 Cowbell Intro
2 Shot A Gamblin’ Man
3 Cheerleader
4 Put The South In Your Mouth
5 Cencerro Blanco
6 Wyle E. Peyote
7 Cencerro Blanco (Slight Return)
8 Southern Grace
9 Monster Railroad
10 Packin’ My Bags
11 San Antone
12 Ole Glory
13 Rollin’ High Rider
14 Black Mountain Top (Whiskey Woman)

Perfectly Rauncy Rock & Roll
I love this album! Its such a good mix of the raunchiness of KISS, with a little bit of ZZ TOP thown in, and a dash of Kid Rock giving it a tiny bit of country twang. Its the type of CD you’ve got to blare from your car stereo, even if its 7am!!

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