WASP FACTORY presents Working with Children n Animals – Volume 2 CD. Electro – Gothic alternative ethereal darkwave. Check videos


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Wasp Factory Recordings WASPFAC015

Swarf: Drown
Swarf: Shadows
D.U.S.T.: Mind [demo]
D.U.S.T.: Wraith [demo]
Katscan: Stutter-Cut
Katscan: 008 Biology
Psychophile: Vice Girl [demo]
Psychophile: Illumination [demo]
Freudstein: Robots [Maximator Mix]
Freudstein: Looking for Answers [Alternate Mix]
Spray: I am Gothic
Spray: Child of the 80s
Interlock: Birdman [edit]
Interlock: The Hold [C.D.W.]
Seventh Harmonic: Icarus   https://seventhharmonic.bandcamp.com/track/icarus
Seventh Harmonic: Chains