VOW WOW: Mountain Top cassette tape, 1st press 1990 Japanese Import ULTRA RARE. Check videos and audio.


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Originally founded as Bow Wow in 1975, they changed the name to Vow Wow in 1984 to avoid confusion with the British pop band Bow Wow Wow. The group relocated to England during the mid-80s, but personal decisions caused the band to relocate back to Japan before breaking up. In 1984 from the ashes of Bow Wow Kyoji formed Vow Wow. When they changed name to VW, they also changed style to more melodic and commercial (and less ‘aggressive’). We should treat VW and BW as two different (but connected) bands. The band was resurrected with the original name, Bow Wow, in 1995. These guys were first in their field and glad to see them still pounding away and staying true to their old HEAVY METAL sound. Thank God some things never change! 

Check all samples:  http://chirb.it/pOAyvG   OR  https://picosong.com/wuTak   OR https://vocaroo.com/i/s1GnN4qEGXrq

(REI ATSUMI):Keybord&Vo.

Label: Eastworld – TOTT-5656
Format: cassette tape, 1st press
Country: japan. Japanese import.
Dated: Apr 25, 1990
Rock, Hard Rock , Heavy Metal

1 Mountain Top 5:11
2 In The Beginning (Instrumental) 1:19
3 Black Out 2:51  Check audio:  https://picosong.com/wuTap  or  http://chirb.it/GexAyr    or  https://vocaroo.com/i/s1WtiQvmXzMk
4 Move To The Music 3:48
5 Love Someone 5:07
6 Three Children (Instrumental) 0:43
7 Speed 4:25
8 Love Lies 4:57
9 In The Night 4:02
10 So Far, So Good 3:49
11 I’ve Thrown It All Away 4:51
12 The Chosen Few 4:44
13 I Want You 4:13
14 tell me 4:11
15 I’m Gonna Sing The Blues 4:19

‘Tell me’ studio

‘Tell me’ live

I really thought they were going to do it with this one. Their previous releases had all shown promise and I thought they had one solid melodic hard rock release in them. The start of this album is pretty good and the first few tracks rule. ‘Tell me’ is probably the best song the band ever recorded. A lot of potential, but never actualised.


Good band from Japan, I personally think that it´s the softer one from them, although “Speed” and especially “Tell Me” are the best songs ever recorded by Vow Wow. 8/10.

Speed live

Speed live from another concert

Speed (Vow Wow Cover)

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