VIXEN: Vixen LP 1988, US female HARD ROCK. Includes the hits Edge of a Broken Heart, Cryin, Love Made Me, Desperate, I Want You to Rock Me. Check videos


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dimension: 10 track album     label: EMI America Records 1988      pressing: UK  w. picture inner sleeve
style: US Hardrock – female band !!

Vixen is the self-titled debut by the American all-female Hard rock/Glam metal band Vixen. It was released in 1988 with great success in America and Europe, and featured the hit singles “Edge of a Broken Heart”, “Cryin'” and “Love Made Me”.
Formulated from the very glamorous elements that made hair metal in the ’80s so decadently enjoyable, Vixen was the female equivalent of Warrant: rocking just hard enough so it was OK for macho hair metal dudes to enjoy and just soft enough so that they would be the darlings of the then MTV circuit. The formula paid off in spades, and the Richard Marx-penned lead single “Edge of a Broken Heart” blazed up the charts and usurped the throne from many of the macho hair metal dudes in all of their hair spray and make-up ridden glory. The rest of the album had the gratuitous power ballads, hard driving party tunes, and everything else in between that rock bands were pontificating about in the late ’80s. It is one of the very, very the best of the era…..

Track listing
Edge of a Broken Heart” (Richard Marx, Fee Waybill) (4:24)
I Want You to Rock Me” (David Cole, Janet Gardner) (3:30)
Cryin‘” (Gregg Tripp, Jeff Paris) (3:32)
“American Dream” (Jon Butcher) (4:19)
Desperate” (Brian Miku, Leah Santos, Jan Kuehnemund) (4:16)
“One Night Alone” (Tripp, Paris) (3:50)
“Hell Raisers” (Scott Metaxas, Kenneth Dubman, Vixen, Spencer Proffer) (4:27)
Love Made Me” (John Keller, Marcy Levy, Michael Caruso) (3:18)
“Waitin'” (Kuehnemund, Gardner) (3:11)
“Cruisin'” (Kuehnemund, Gardner, Keith Krupp) (4:24)
“Charmed Life” (Tripp, Paris) (4:05)

Jan Kuehnemund- Lead and rhythm guitar, backup vocals
Janet Gardner- Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Share Pedersen- Bass, Backup vocals
Roxy Petrucci- Drums, Backup vocals [[ex- Madam X]
With: Richard Marx-Keyboards
Vixen is the self-titled debut by the American all-female hard rock/glam metal band Vixen. It was released in 1988 in the United States and Europe, and featured the hit singles “Edge of a Broken Heart” and “Cryin'”.

Richard Marx, one of the late 1980s most successful recording artists, was heavily involved in Vixen’s early career, co-producing the album and writing one of their biggest hits “Edge of a Broken Heart”.


Year Chart Position
1988-1989 The Billboard 200 41
Album chart (UK) 66
Year Single Chart Position
1988 “Edge of a Broken Heart” Billboard Hot 100 26
1989 “Cryin'” Billboard Hot 100 22
1989 “Love Made Me”

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