VERSUS THE WORLD: s.t CD -combine post-hardcore with pop punk. The Ataris, Antifreeze members. + video

VERSUS THE WORLD: s.t CD European version with 2 extra songs + press release. post-hardcore / pop punk. The Ataris, Antifreeze members. Check videos and audio.


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Versus the World is the debut album by the Santa Barbara-based band, Versus The World. It was released on September 27, 2005

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Versus the World is an amalgam of the members’ former bands. The most readily accessible element may be from Ataris bassist Mike Davenport, but it also features members from 40 Cents Short and Antifreeze. The focus is mainly on the harmonies belted out by Donald Spencer, who carries the songs fairly effectively with his vocals, infusing the songs with some memorable moments and a whole lot of catchiness. The rhythm section is competent and as expected the guitars run along with fairly safe, but immediately catchy lines. This creates a record that is quite accessible and digestible — perfect music to play in the background if you want something catchy and mindless.

Versus the World is a punk rock band from Santa Barbara, CA on Kung-Fu Records. The band combines post-hardcore with pop punk. They released their debut album, “Versus the World”, in September 2005. Mike Davenport was the long time bassist from The Ataris.
Versus The World formed in the back of The Ataris old record store (“Down On Haley”). Prior to being called Versus The World, Mike Davenport and Donald Spence did a few acoustic shows under the band name “Pencapchew” to fill time between their current projects. Trevor Lewis Mathias of Antifreeze is the original drummer of the band whereas Casey Cress bands new guitarist. In the summer of 2006 the band toured Europe with No Use For A Name. They have also made a music video for one of their song “Is There No End.
Their song “Forgive Me” is featured on WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007.

From:  Santa Barbara, California, United States

Label: Kung-Fu Records

Associated acts: The Ataris, Antifreeze, Pencapchew, Trace Element

“Transmission 0617” – 0:45
“Is There No End” – 2:22
“Don’t Let Go” – 3:47
“Ghost In The Bottle” – 3:20
“Medellin” – 3:26
“Victim” – 3:00
“Blasphemy & Treason” – 3:47
“Love Every Scar” – 2:28
“Seconds to Shine” – 3:59
“If I Died” – 3:58
“Forgive Me” – 2:46
“In Spite of the World” – 3:20
“Blue and Cold” – 4:19*
“Nowhere Fast” – 3:07*
+ “Blue and Cold”


+ “Nowhere Fast”

are only available on the European version of the album.

Length 45:28

Versus The World: Donald Spence (vocals); Nick Matsuda (guitar); Mike Davenport (bass guitar); Trevor Lewis (drums).