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Check a video of the LP for sale:


No Place To Run is an album by the band UFO. It was released in January, 1980 It is the first album to feature Paul Chapman who replaced Michael Schenker on lead guitar. The album was produced by George Martin, best known for his work with The Beatles. The record cover was issued in several different versions in the UK, although the only difference was the colour of the album title. Two singles were released from the album: Young Blood and Lettin’ Go.

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Side one (LP)
“”Alpha Centauri”” (Chapman) – 2:06
“”Lettin’ Go“” (Mogg, Way, Chapman) – 3:51
“”Mystery Train”” (Parker, Phillips) – 3:55 [cover]
“”This Fire Burns Tonight”” (Mogg, Chapman) – 4:13
“”Gone in the Night”” (Mogg, Chapman) – 3:47

Side two (LP)
“”Young Blood”” (Mogg, Way) – 3:59
“”No Place to Run”” (Mogg, Chapman) – 3:58
“”Take It or Leave It”” (Raymond) – 3:01
“”Money, Money“” (Mogg, Way) – 3:29
“”Anyday”” (Mogg, Chapman) – 3:48

Phil Mogg – vocals
Pete Way – bass
Paul Raymond – keyboards, guitar, vocals
Paul Chapman – lead guitar
Andy Parker – drums

5.0 out of 5 stars Phil Mogg is a great rock singer and one of the most under rated in the world. His song writing in conjunction with Pete Way makes up for the lack of Schenker. “”Lettin” Go””, “”No Place To Run””, “”Money Money”” and “”Anyday”” are classic Mogg/Way/UFO tracks and “”Mystery Train”” is possibly one of the best cover versions of any song””. Good eh? At least now everyone can own a reasonably priced copy of this album. Buy it now!
5.0 out of 5 stars Classic,
I can only tell you this, listening to it again after a few years, well i cannot express in words how good an overall album this is. If your into, hard rockin, quality structured, well written songs, go no further. This is one absolutely brilliant album.
5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful hard rock jewel.,
Classic hard rock album very rounded and complete a cohesive piece of granite like songs superb guitar work. The focus here is on the songs all of them strong bar may be Young Blood the very song that follows the immense intro of Alpha Centuri this is a milestone album and needs to be in your collection (ive got 3 of them).I value an album by the emotion and adrenaline it kicks out and this opus really does deliver especially on This Fire Burns to Night, Any Day, and Money Money. Buy ya self some rock history which IS as good today. Maximus Metalicus.
5.0 out of 5 stars What can be better than this?????,
it is by far my favourite UFO CD. Great songs well executed. Buy it – you will not be disappointed.
5.0 out of 5 stars life after mad mickey,
no place to run proved that life without mad mickey hadn’t hit them for six since Paul Chapman shows his chops without getting much credit for it on tracks like the title track, “”young blood””, and “”this fire burns”” which is coupled with intensity and form from the rest of the star cast of UFO.

They may not have hit the big time like their fellow rock peers but they have influenced up and coming rock/metal acts on the way notably Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue and Steve Harris of Iron Maiden whose daughter Lauren covered “”Natural thing”” for her solo album.
5.0 out of 5 stars UFO still at its peak,
This great LP was produced/engineered by George Martin/Geoff Emerick of Beatles fame. There is a very special flavor to each song in this album, all of them are well crafted, melodic and warm. New lead guitarist Paul Chapman gave the band a new sound. Arguably he was able to maintain UFO peaking momentum with No Place to Run. The best UFO era was 77-82, an this album is right in the middle of it. Even without Schenker this is one of my favorite UFO releases. No Place to Run is a classic, and it rocks big time!”

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